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Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 - Fiat
2017 Fiat Talento Interior Redesign

Road test of the 2017 Fiat Talento, to detail the size, the size of the Interior, the price list and the engines. Goodbye shield, welcome Talento. The segment of medium-sized van sees the passing of the baton from the old Shield to the new 2017 Fiat Talento, a whole new means the result of a partnership with Renault. And the name change is already understand that has changed profoundly the nature of this truck than his predecessor. Besides, you have chosen a name any, but especially has dusted off the name of what was from 1989 to 1994 a shortened wheelbase version of the Duchy, which was precisely to cover the van. Today, more than 20 years later, the 2017 Fiat Talento returns and has all it takes to creep within its segment. We discover all its features, sizes, interiors, prices and available engines.

Design, for a van, has a role of relative importance compared to that in the world of automobiles. This does not mean that a pleasant style or modern can change for the better the impression that makes a model over another. The Fiat Talento comes from a latest generation of the Renault Trafic and kinship is unknown, but the designer by centro stile Fiat Professional worked to characterize the front so as to align it to the new family feeling. In fact the bumper has the typical silver bar “tap” the two headlights on the bottom and separates into two portions the Central plate. The sides of the front bumper range there are, then, the fog lights and daytime running lights. The lower part of the sides and rear bumper are protected by a black plastic coating, while I find very beautiful seven-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels double available in different colours.

2017 Fiat Talento Interior

Even within an eye note some particulars typically Renault, such as vents, shift knob and the dashboard. Overall, the making of the interiors of 2017 Fiat Talento following the criterion of ergonomics and you’ll immediately notice, because we find each command exactly where we are and why we have various storage compartments hanging around in the cockpit (the total capacity of the rooms is of 90 liters). Depending on the layout, the finishing level changes: the classic van version includes cloth seats and steering wheel with leather (depending on equipment). Leveling up they change not only coating materials, but also the colour combinations: for example, the test model had a nice pairing Black-Brown. At the height of the range there are shuttle bus versions, with genuine leather-covered chairs in the back area. On request, there is also a handy and smart “Mobile Office” which includes an innovative central seat reclines, equipped with retractable table, backrest with glove compartment and tablette document holder.
Overall the pairs seemed strong, although some noise about disconnections came out. But it is quite normal for this media type.

2017 Fiat Talento Dimensions

Talento is the link between the Doblò Cargo and the Duchy. In addition allows Fiat Professional to cover new volumes and load lengths and enter the most important part of the segment 2 p with a wheelbase of ideal size, a market segment that was not previously occupied by the shield.

The bulkhead opening “CargoPlus”, located under the passenger seats, allows to carry objects up to 3.75 metres (4, 15 m to set up long-wheelbase). Access to the cargo is simple thanks to its regular, square shape, combined with the ability to open the rear doors to 255°. The threshold is only 552 mm and the width of the sliding door of 1030 mm (100 mm above the floor). Cargo volume amounted to 5.2 m3 in setting short wheelbase, 6 m3 in long-wheelbase and even 8.6 m3 in long-wheelbase and high roof; This means that Talento, even in short wheelbase, is capable of carrying 3 Euro pallet. Finally, the vehicle will record up to 1249 kg payload and up to 3060 kg GVW.

2017 Fiat Talento Van Prices

The mechanical outline of Fiat classics independent front suspension provides Talento with McPherson and anti-roll bar, while the rear there is a torsion bar with springs Panard bar, angular and hydraulic shock absorbers coil.

To equip the new commercial vehicle Fiat Professional there are four diesel engines from 1.6 liter engines, all approved Euro 6. The range includes: 1.6 MultiJet Turbo from 95 HP, available also with S&S and 260 Nm EcoJet; 1.6 MultiJet Turbo 120 HP and 300 Nm; 1.6 125 HP and 320 Nm from S&S TwinTurbo EcoJet; 1.6 S&S TwinTurbo 145 HP and 340 Nm from EcoJet.
All engines of 2017 Fiat Talento provide for the SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction) to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides NOx, hazardous to human health, by injecting a solution of AdBlue (urea) in the exhaust gas.
In addition, the four engines adopt a variable geometry turbo or a TwinTurbo. With two-stage turbocharger, the first turbo delivers high torque at low speeds to ensure an optimal response to an average acceleration, while the latter is activated at high speeds to supercharge the engine thus ensuring smooth and powerful acceleration.


Once boarded, I appreciate immediately the driving position, which despite being raised, is not “pickup truck”, which is not too different from that of an ordinary car. What makes a big difference, in this sense, it is the wheel, placed quite vertical. The seat adjustments are good and driving Chair itself is very soft and comfortable. On the right there is the inevitable armrest, very soft too, a key feature for many km.

The height of the door panel, on the left, is correct because it allows me to rest the elbow while driving, but the coating is hard and I would have preferred a padding.

The trial version is the top of the range, featuring the brilliant 1.6 bi-turbo diesel from 145 horses. How about Renault we don’t have a key but the PCB and the button start. The motor is extremely quiet and idling seem almost off — even climb some sight never becomes harassing and this is a feature that I particularly enjoyed. Despite the small volume of just 1.6 litres, the unit pushes strong and thanks to twin supercharger basically faces no turbo lag. Since the 1,400/1,500 rounds, pressing more determined on the accelerator, we feel that the millesei always follows our needs and the response to the command is immediate (thanks to the action of smaller sprinkler), without any kind of delay. Higher speed intervenes, then, larger turbine for a continuous progression. the result? No need to climb to gear most of the time, because the elasticity of the engine is priceless. The way that we run is mostly suburban, so I can’t give a precise opinion on the chapter consumption, however it’s not too bad as the declared value with a careful guidance. Useful in this regard the start stop that works cleanly and diligent & but also Eco guide mode.

The Steering has a nice command and precise the right, although the double coating of skin and plastic does not convinced me much. The plastic was left on the areas most subject to wear, and this is positive, but the grip could be better. Excellent exchange, with soft and precise and a lever placed exactly where we would like.
The dash for half and half digital analog is well readable, while the display from 7 inch touchscreen multimedia system is big enough to follow the specifications given by the navigation system. The test model also had the cruise control, but I’ve got to try it. Ultimately it seems to lead to step a large people carrier more than a real truck.

2017 Fiat Talento Pricelist: starting from € 24,400


PC-120 TN-Fiat 1.6 MJT Talento DC Furg. 10Q € 25,600
Fiat 125 PC-1.6 TT Talento MJT TN-DC Furg. 10Q £ 26,300
Fiat 1.6 TT Talento MJT 145 PC-TN-DC Furg. 10Q € 27,100
Fiat 125 PC-TN Combi 1.6 TT Talento MJT 10q € 27,100
Fiat 1.6 TT Talento MJT 145 PC-TN Combi 10q £ 27,900


Fiat Talento 1.6 MJT PC-TN Van 10q € 21,600
Fiat 125 PC-1.6 TT Talento MJT TN Furg. 10Q € 24,400
Fiat 1.6 TT Talento MJT 145 PC-TN Furg. 10Q £ 25,100
Fiat 125 PC-TA Talento 1.6 TT MJT Furg. 12q £ 25,900
Fiat 1.6 TT Talento MJT 145 PC-TA Furg. 12q € 26,600

Platform cab

Fiat 125 PL 1.6 TT Talento MJT Pian. Cab. 12q € 24,900
Fiat 1.6 TT Talento MJT 145 PL Pian. Cab. 12q € 25,600e likes of Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga.

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