2018 Lotus Exige Cup 380 Engine Performance

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 - Lotus
2018 Lotus Exige Cup 380 Interior Images

After Sport is the turn of Lotus Exige Cup 380. The data sheet gives lower weight and improved aerodynamics. New 2018 Lotus Exige Cup 380 2017 will be an object for a lucky few. Produced in limited edition, just 60 copies, will greatly improve the dynamic performance of the Lotus Exige Sport 380. The data sheet of 2018 Lotus Exige Cup 380 reports numerous steps, aerodynamic type and of course when it comes to Lotus, the total weight. It’s lighter than 53 kg, with a total weight declared in 1,057 kg. Less weight and even more downforce, ben 200 kg with the new carbon fiber rear wing, wheel arches, redesigned to the splitter. Actions enhance the Coupe to shoot in 1 ‘ 26 sec on the track in Hethel.

What does not change is the engine, the 3.5-liter V6 with volumetric 380 horsepower and 410 Nm. The improvement of time acceleration is just 1 tenth, for 3 sec total 6, compared with a top speed of 282 km/h, slightly below the upper Sports a 380 downforce and therefore a drag for a few percent equally. There are several tires, wider, from 285 both front and rear, on 18-inch forged wheels to offer more grip but at the same time increase slightly the resistance.

To compensate for these “deficiencies” technical study has also affected the positioning of the wiper, placed vertically and not at the base of the windshield. To reduce the masses, instead, many components made of carbon fiber, splitter, sill profiles up to the speaker and the bonnet ( -6.5 kg, single piece), continuing with the front cover in front of the windshield, seats, and dynamics on the doors and the roof.

Lotus Exige Cup 380 Transmission

On request, you can have the door panels in carbon fiber and titanium. The interiors are essential, as the history of the brand wants. No carpet on the bottom, beautiful six-speed manual gearbox, Alcantara linings on the steering wheel and seats – the latter also leather or plaids. Style aside, there is a refined out of New Lotus Exige Cup 380 2017, both in the mode switch of the ESP, the Drive to disarming total, passing through the step sports & Race, both in the ability to configure the traction control variable, linked to the mapping engine and with a wheel on the steering column that allows a cut of 12 percent between 1 and manageable delivery in five steps before the total deactivation.

Lotus Exige 380 Release Date and Prices

Nitron dampers and antiroll bars adjustable mountain suspension Eibach, AP Racing calipers brake system complete with forged and slotted discs the data sheet. As regards the price of 2018 Lotus Exige Cup 380, sensing is the 109,900 euros on the German market.

2018 Lotus Exige Cup 380 Horsepower Performance

2018 Lotus Exige Cup 380 Engine Performance Pictures

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