2018 Lucid Motors Air Review, Prices, Horsepower

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2018 Lucid Motors Air – In the fight for the future of electric superberline, a challenge faced by many after the success of Tesla, the Lucid Motors marks a new step forward. The Alpha prototype of the saloon Air has shown it can reach 217 mph, equivalent to 350 km/h, the oval TCR in Ohio. The speed was electronically limited and in an official notice, there is already talk of future testing to even higher speeds.

Up to 1,000 HP and over 640 km range. The House provided no further details on the prototype used for testing: in the images is evident the presence of an extra aerodynamic tail; also, the Interior is still totally bare and not definitive. Should also be considered that the Lucid Motors Air is definitely the most powerful proof of the future range, with an engine for each axis and about 1,000 HP count, supported by 130 kWh battery that promises up to over 640 km range.

The market in 2018 to challenge the Tesla. In 2018 we will see the book in the final version: Polish Air Motors are already open and prices range from $60,000 of the basic model from 400 HP to over 100,000 more powerful versions and equipped. With a deposit of $25,500, you can reserve Air Launch Edition, which should offer top of the line engine and all accessories. Will the autonomous driving: cars will be equipped with the necessary hardware, but it is still impossible to know what features will be available at launch and which will be progressively activated with updates over-the-air.

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