2018 McLaren P15 789Hp Overview, The Most Extreme McLaren Road Ever!

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 - McLaren
2018 McLaren P15 Design

2018 McLaren P15 789Hp Overview – The first rumors about a more performance and specialized hypercar of the McLaren P1 are coming: P15 Project Code. The rumors come to surprise on a new McLaren road, derived from the P1 but much more extreme and able to offer the best on the track. McLaren P15 The project code, as reported by Autocar. The acronym identifies a hypercar developed in three areas: aerodynamics, weight, and engine. The presentation should arrive between the end of the 2017 and the Geneva Motor show, revealing “brutal” forms from the sources approached by the English newspaper.

It will be much lighter than the P1 (in photo; NDR) and the thermal engine develops more horsepower. An uncertainty is related to the maintenance or not of the, which gives 179 horsepower of electric power but has a cost in terms of weight. The active aerodynamics will not only be preserved but Extreme used in every element.

2018 McLaren P15 Performance

It will waive parts of bodywork not essential to create performance, then manage the aerodynamic flows, and the measures will reduce the weight from 1,550 kg to less than 1,300. The 3.8-liter V8 engine adopts the same base as the McLaren P1, but will 800 horsepower against the 737 of the hypercar, but can surpass the 900 horsepower with the contribution of the “the”.

To change from the P1 will also be the cockpit cell, with the use of Mono Cage II adopted on the McLaren 720 s and from the latter should also get the change 7 years. With the realization of the project P15, it would remain only the specialized P1 gtr able to rival a project that from its will have, instead, road homologation, although with characteristics designed to be exploited at the best on the track. The active aerodynamics will be further evolved, the dimensions and shapes of the diffuser and the rear wings will vary considerably and you can adjust the height from the ground.

Tasty anticipations, such as the performance predictions of 2018 McLaren P15: it should shoot from zero to one hundred hours in less than 2 ″ 7 and will be a project destined probably only to the already owners of a McLaren P1. Discounted that a second ultimate series is a limited-edition object, it rumored of 500 specimens. We remember how the McLaren P15, in addition to having another acronym when it is presented, does not represent the replacement of the Hypercar P1. McLaren, in fact, has stated in the past how it competes on a car that collects the inheritance of P1 only at the moment when technologically they can achieve a net leap forward.

2018 McLaren P15 Design

In The Cabin, it says that it can be revoked P15 in every way possible without violating the legal requirements for a street car, with even a chair which was adapted from a version of the lightweight race cars to save weight. Luggage space is said to be limited to the point that there is room in the back to carry only two helmets and racing overalls.

2018 McLaren P15 Price and Release Date

Starting price will be around £700,000 plus VAT (£840.000 in the United Kingdom) — almost as much as P1, the £866.000 price, including VAT, when launched in 2012. Expected public debut P15 in the Geneva Motor Show in March of the year 2018, with delivery beginning in the summer.

2018 McLaren P15 789Hp Overview, The Most Extreme McLaren Road Ever! Pictures

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