2018 Peugeot Expert Prices, Engine, Dimension Size and Specifications

Sunday, March 19th, 2017 - Peugeot
2018 Peugeot Expert Interior Dashboard Features

The characteristics of the 2018 Peugeot Expert, with three lengths and load tracking system Moduwork. It’s all new, Peugeot Expert, son of a project on a modern platform and driver assistance technologies borrowed from the world of “automotive”. Let’s see the list prices, put in the street included and excluded Vat and Ipt, in addition to stamp on the certificate of conformity.

We begin by setting up the van, Pro version. With 95 horsepower engine equipping Compact costs 20,250 euros, the Standard 20,900 euros.

With 115 horsepower engine respective prices are 21,000 and 21,650 euros; for the 120 horses starting from the Standard equipment to 22,450 dollars, then there is the Long to 23,200; same offer for 150 horsepower engine, to 23,100 and 24,650 euros. Let’s move on to the Premium version. 95 horsepower engine: Compact 22,500 euro Standard euro 21,850; for the engine by 115 horses we 22,600 and 23,250 euro respectively. For the 120 horses are 23,400 and 24,050 euros, plus there’s the set up Long at 24,800 euros. On the engine from 150 horsepower from Standard to 24,700 euros, while Long is offered at 26,250 euro. There is also the version with 180 horsepower engine: Standard equipment costs 26,700 euros and the Long 28,050 euros.

The 2018 Peugeot Expert has updated technological contents and efficient engines.

2018 Peugeot Expert Van Dnmension

Speaking of size, height is limited to 1.90 meters, two or three front places and three lengths: 4.60 meters for Compact (which allows you to upload up to 1,400 kg and Moduwork system 5.1 m3 and has a usable length of up to 4 meters), 4.95 for Standard and 5.30 meters for Long. Yes, because there are different lengths of the van.

Modular and inclined to meet the needs of all traders, this is the 2018 Peugeot Expert: buying you can choose it in different lengths (Compact, Standard and Long) and with two or three seats as an option in the cockpit, while the trim levels are two: Pro and Premium. Despite the high efficiency motors BlueHDi (1.6 to 2.0 115 HP 95 and 120, 150 and 180 HP and from), which needs can boast up to 180 HP with automatic start and stop of series and a peak torque and up to an altitude of 400 Nm, and the carrying capacity of 1400 kg, is surely the technological leap over the previous generation the most important step and “sensitive” : the new Expert has the head up display so as not to distract the driver, the system of reading the signs, the sliding side doors and automatic, the automatic brake, automatic activation of dazzling and 3D navigation. Interesting is also the possibility to mount the rear view camera with a viewing area of 180° and enlargement of the northern zone. Now even the business side moves to a higher level of technology.

The floor is born EMP2 and also declines Combi, with 9 seats. Best consumption with engine start-stop 1.6 115 horses and BlueHdi serial, 5.1 liter/& 100 km. The mighty 180 horsepower turbo diesel engine with 6-speed automatic transmission stop and start and is the most “thirsty”, while remaining on values of 5.9 liters per 100 km on the combined cycle.

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