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2018 Suzuki Ignis Allrad Reviews, photo, price

Small but with the muscles: The new S-Urban on the basis Suzuki Ignis was born with a preparation for the hard and pure offroad.

The Japanese house has unveiled the new Suzuki Ignis S-Urban Concept at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2017. It is a prototype that embodies the idea of hard and pure offroad, which seems to have been born to face the Dakar. At the aesthetic level are many changes compared to the normal version of the superminis of the house Suzuki: To begin the trim was raised by several centimeters and the series wheels were replaced with a train of larger wheels with tires from the shoulder high and with a deep gusset. The roadways were widened, to improve the road seal, and for the occasion also the wheel was enlarged with black plastic elements.

Even the bumpers, both front, and rear have been replaced with bumpers designed specifically for off-road driving: not only do they have a reduced height, improving the angles of attack and exit, but also have the entire structure in raw plastic to withstand the best of small bumps. In the central part of the front bumper fascia are the housings for the fog lights, while a little above is a new mask with 6 vertical slits, inspired by that of the Jimny. Complete all the ultralight alloy rims with a burnished finish, the spoiler on the rear window and the silver-plated longitudinal bars on the roof. The Suzuki Ignis S-Urban Concept boasts a very flashy, two-colour orange and white paintwork, with a central side band and written on the sides of gunmetal gray.

The interiors are not shown at the show, but we can expect the only changes to be made regarding the instrumentation (specification) and the front seats of the race, which replace the traditional ones.

Unfortunately, there is no need to know what the changes are at the mechanical level in addition to the widening of the roadways and the new suspension compartment. The Suzuki Ignis normal mounts a gasoline engine 1.2 liters Dualjet from 90 horsepower (66 kW) at 6000 rpm and equipped with 120 Nm of maximum torque at 4400 rpm. A list is also a micro-hybrid version, based on the same milled gasoline, while for those who want you can have the 4 × 4 integral drive instead of the front. Suzuki Ignis prices start at 14,050.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Opinioni


New test on AllaGuida.it Road, let’s talk about the Suzuki Ignis 2017 hybrid. We had been able to test it at the first presentation for the press at an event in the capital, where we had driven it in the hybrid version with front wheel drive and in the one with full-wheel drive gasoline. We had the pleasure to do a test drive also in the top variant of the range 1.2 VVT 4WD Hybrid, which combines both technologies. It is a mini SUV with a nice bodywork, which conceals a refined frame made with extensive use of strength steels. This guarantees the Suzuki Ignis 2017 a stiffness worthy of note, which translates into a very high road seal, as well as allowing you to venture without being out of the asphalt thanks to a minimum height of 18 centimeters. But let’s find out price, specs and opinions on the road of the new Suzuki Ignis 2017 in hybrid version.


Of course Suzuki Ignis 2017 is original and stands out in traffic. For this reason it may not please all its particular design, called “iconic” by the designers of the house with almond eyes. In fact, the engine bonnet, inspired by the first model of the Vitara, has not escaped the most careful, with the air vents at the sides. Remaining in the front view we find the two main optical groups from the sympathetic design, inserted in the horizontally developed mask from the chromed edges. Equipped with LED daytime running lights with “U” shape, the headlights have a led lenticular projector to perform the dipped and dazzling function.

A little further down are the fog lamps, which are also embellished with an elegant chrome frame of circular shape.

Turning to the side you can notice the enlarged wheel, which increase the impression of road holding of the car.

The alloy rims are 16 inches in diameter and painted in glossy black tones.

Original The cut of the rear windows with upward trend, to highlight the motif on the upright C. Beautiful and useful the roof bars painted in satin silver.

At the rear we finally find a large rear window and an original tailgate design. The double wave towards the lower extremities of the car is designed to increase the attention on the wheels and give the impression of greater width of the footprint on the ground. Perfect in the city the black plastic bundle in the center of the rear bumper, parking proof.


Let’s see the size: Suzuki Swift 2017 is 3 meters long and 70 cm, is 1 meter wide and 69 cm and finally high 1 meter and 59. The wheelbase of 2 meters and 43 gives considerable space to the cockpit thanks also to the rear sofa that can slide 16 centimeters.

Very good the capacity of the trunk of the Ultra compact SUV of Suzuki, we talk of a minimum of 260 up to 360 liters keeping the five seats in the position of use. In all-wheel variants (such as the test) the capacity is reduced by about 50 litres, but the difference is practically imperceptible.


The interiors of the Suzuki Ignis 2017 are appreciated for the vivid colors and modern design of the plank, dominated in the central part by the cantilevered screen of the infotainment system. Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen, it includes the satellite navigator in addition to the Mirror Link, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, to connect your latest generation smartphone.

High thumb for the three-spoke steering wheel covered in leather and equipped with practical controls, identifiable at the first shot. The instrument panel consists of two circular elements and a screen for the onboard computer. There is no water temperature that is replaced by two lights (blue = too cold, red = too hot).

Powerful the automatic and practical air conditioning the rocker buttons that are located just below. A pleasant touch of style comes from the structure at the base of the shift lever in painted plastic: on the sides it shows the three inclined bands that we find on the third upright in the side. Practical and large enough to spread the objects everywhere.

The couplings of plastics are always cured and the latter are sturdy. Overall, the cockpit of the Suzuki Ignis is spacious and comfortable even for four adults, who will not have to complain even in the road trips thanks to the soundproofing cured.

Security Systems

Behind the windshield are placed two cameras to monitor in real time the distance between the objects that precede the car, besides of course to identify their shape. The system works in coupling to three devices for active safety. We start from the most important, the Dual Camera brake Support, which provides to brake the car autonomously to avoid or lessen the damage of a buffer.

We also find the Lane Departure warning, active from 60 kilometers per hour, which advises the driver (via an audible signal, a light warning on the instrument panel and a vibration at the wheel) of the exit from the roadway when it is not signalled by the direction indicators. This last security system works in coupling with the Weaving Alert which detects the signs of fatigue of the driver and recommends to make a stop.

In the series equipment of Suzuki Ignis present also the system “accompany me”, useful to find the car in the dark after unlocking the doors with the remote control.

The high level of active and passive safety of the mini-SUV of the Sol Levante allowed him to win five stars in the crash test EuroNCAP.

technical sheet fittings and standard equipment

Three sets of list for the Suzuki Ignis, all characterized by an excellent standard equipment. We start with the entry-level (if so you can define saw the equipment) ICool that, among other things, offers the 16-inch alloy wheels, the comfortable roof bars, the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, the rear view camera, the manual air conditioner, the height-adjustable three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and the electrically adjustable, heated mirrors.

The intermediate set-up ITop adds the front led optical units, the front grille with chromed edge, the Satellite navigator, the leather upholstery for the steering wheel crown, the cruise control with speed limiter, the automatic air conditioner and finally the safety devices that include automatic braking and maintenance of the lane.

The top of the range is represented by the adventure that is recognized for the off look donated by the Cross bumper (the black plastic bundles in the bumpers).


It’s time to put us behind the wheel of the new Suzuki Ignis hybrid 2017 and start our test on the road. We are front to an ultra compact SUV, very difficult to classify: the dimensions are from Superminis, but the appearance is from crossover. An absolutely original design, a body of the ones that “or Ami or hate”. We are of course for the first. The driving position is raised, it is not easy to get comfortable driving, also because the steering wheel is adjustable only in height, not in depth. The lateral visibility is quite good, minus the rear. Many hard plastics in the interior, beautiful variety of colors and the particular shape of the plank. In The middle stands the touch screen, certainly not fluid and a slow thread. Sitting is very comfortable, even behind there is plenty of room for two people. We push the button, light the engine and start.

We have the Suzuki Ignis 2017 hybrid. But, as in the case of Suzuki whale, is a “different” hybrid, called SHVS: the engine 1.2 gasoline from 90 horsepower is associated with an electrical part, with the aim of reducing consumption and emissions. In practice, it removes the work at the thermal engine, but it is not a real hybrid, you can not go only in electric mode. However, the machine is considered Hybrid, for which it saves a stamp, in parking and, for example, in Area C.

Driving the Ignis is extremely entertaining: the engine is lively, there is thrust from the low revs, although sometimes you have to play a bit with the gearbox that proves fluid and precise with fairly short relationships. Agile in the city, thanks to the reduced weight of the car. The road seal surprises, while the suspensions prove too stiff: you hear all of the way, the people sitting behind “dance” a lot. Many accessories are also available in the basic version, such as Help. of negative there is a little sensitive and slow steering, while the brake pedal does not give us a good feedback, it seems to run empty in the first strokes of the race.

The car however passes the exam brilliantly. It is a nice and practical car to use every day, especially in the city. This miniature SUV convinces, even in terms of consumption, that have stood at 16 km with a litre of media.



Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Dualjet iCool 90 CV €14,050

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Dualjet ITOP 90 CV €15,800

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Dualjet iTop AGS 90 CV €16,500

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Dualjet 4WD All Grip ITOP 90 CV €17,300

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Dualjet 4WD AllGrip iAdventure 90 CV €18,000

Gasoline Hybrid

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Hybrid ITOP 90 CV €16,800

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Hybrid 4WD All Grip ITOP 90 CV €18,300

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Hybrid 4WD All Grip iAdventure 90 CV €19,000


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