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Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 - Toyota
2018 Toyota Rav4 Interior Photos

New road test. it is the turn of 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. The suv of the rising sun in this latest generation is also available as a hybrid variant, which combines a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle gasoline, an electric motor with the task of moving the rear wheels and one that helps the engine heat. The result is reduced emissions and consumption, together with a comfort hardly comparable from rivals pushed by diesel engines. The Japanese suv seen blow the excellent results in sales from fiercer rivals. And so with this latest restyling the House of the rising sun tries again to bring it back Queen between compact SUVs. This occurred recently with a refreshed design completely new finishes more carefully (though some remain quite economical as features), advanced technological facilities and especially the unusual hybrid variant, the object of our road test. Let us see how did they perform in the test drive.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Style

Let’s talk about aesthetics. With the latest update, the 2018 Toyota RAV4 has gotten more modern and dynamic lines, especially in the front where we find a new shield bumper from drawing more elaborate and full LED headlights (standard on the hybrid variant). Fairly “traditional” the trend of the side where they do appreciate the original mirror caps. Vertical tailgate opening very close to the ground for easy loading and unloading. The next generation is no longer available with external spare wheel, even for a fee. Aluminium colored plastic shields, on the bottom of the front and rear bumpers, give a pleasant look off-roader and recall the solid comfortable roof bars.

2018 Toyota rav4 cargo space dimensions

We see the size of Toyota RAV4. Meter in hand, the suv 61 cm in length and 4 meters measure Japan, 1 metre and 1 metre high and width 85 and 71 cm. These measures allow it to offer considerable space occupants; is one of the rare cases where they’re really comfortable even three adults in the second row of seats.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid cargo trunk is large and would also be well exploited, if it weren’t for the step of 7 cm to the backs, needed to make room for the battery pack. The minimum capacity is of 579 litres, which can be increased up to 1633. The height of 50 cm of trunk loads even bulky luggage, comfortable large double bottom and the network to load bags of groceries.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Interior

We enter the 2018 Toyota RAV4 and talk of the Interior. The spaciousness of the cabin is undoubtedly what is appreciated more on the RAV4. On long trips will be very difficult effort, even for rear seat occupants who can count on the backrest split into two pieces and tilted considerably. Very comfy as well the front seats, with that of the driver with electric lumbar adjustment. A small Burr can be found in the centre armrest, which is perhaps a little too much backlog for people with “collection” riding position and close to the steering wheel. The central part of the bridge hanging, upholstered in faux leather with stitching. In general we find improved finishes than the old model, but old-fashioned details remain as commands for adjusting power mirrors and the notice of the belts fasten on places behind. The instrument cluster is complete in the information and in place of the classic tachometer indicator of instantaneous power, used (or recovered).

2018 Toyota Rav4 Reliability Reviews

New infotainment system placed in the center of the bridge. With 7-inch touch-sensitive screen offers important information thanks to the numerous applications. Very easy to use right from the start, though, to select certain commands, forces us to look away for a moment from the road. Thanks to the internet connection (for free the first year) allows you to be up to date on the traffic conditions, speed cameras, on weather forecasts and stream music.

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 NV is powered by a next-generation hybrid system composed of three engines. Under the front hood is placed the 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle thermal (minus cue at low speeds than a traditional otto cycle, but enjoys a better performance and therefore consumes less) with 155 horsepower is connected to the front wheels with an electric unit from 143 horsepower. Move the rear there thinks the other 68 horsepower engine battery and intervenes when the front wheels lose traction, uphill and help in departures from a standstill. In Sports mode instead, is tasked to reduce the tendency of the front end to enlarge the trajectories in cornering. The Exchange is an automated E-CVT continuously variable ratio. The total power output of the system is of 197 horsepower.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Safety

Many electronic driver assistance systems available on the RAV4. It starts with Pedestrian Detection (reveals pedestrians) and continues with the Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Assist (avoid collisions or limits the damage), the Lane Departure Alert (alert involuntary lane exceeded), Automatic High Beam (automatic high beams), the Road Sign Assist (read the road signs and the reports on the Center screen of the instrument panel). All these amenities are part of the package Toyota Safety Sense Plus from 1,200 euros (which become Active version 1,600). Could not miss the Around View Monitor that shows a 360° panorama of the car, optional from 1,200 euros.


Four trim levels available in the price list, also the Business thought of the fleets of company cars. We start with the Active base that offers standard keyless entry, electric mirrors, electric tailgate electric projectors bi-led (only for the hybrid), the infotainment system with 7-inch Touch screen 2 Toyota and finally the color display in the center of the instrument cluster. The intermediate Style adds bi-led in diesel engine, tinted rear glass and the seats with suede inserts. The top of the range are the Exclusive and the Lounge and the latter has the honour of front and rear parking sensors, leather-trimmed seats entirely and GPS. The latter accessory is fitted as standard on Business along with the spare wheel.

2018 Toyota RAV4 0-60 Road Test

It’s finally time to get behind the wheel of the new 2018 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid for our test drive. We sit on the driver’s seat, finding a high seat and handily. The front seats are containers with plenty of space on board. Behind you is going smoothly in three, including the Central passenger has enough room for your legs. Setting guide aims more to comfort, not some sportiness. Excellent visibility, even at the side, a little less back, in which the camera comes to the rescue. The central part of the bridge, covered with leather, stands the Center monitor touchscreen.

You push the button, turn on the engine and leave. Of course the car makes no noise at low speeds: When set, enter now the EV mode, all-electric. Only if you press the gas pedal it triggers the internal combustion engine. EV mode of course can be deactivated. There is also the Normal function or Sport, with gears longer and higher consumption.

Lets get a concept: the Rav4 hybrid, although it’s all-wheel drive, now has nothing left of ATVs. It’s a car that finds its essence naturally with all wheels on the tarmac. Stands out in comfort and quietness, with no hiss or other noise entering the passenger compartment. In town its generous dimensions seem to be able to hinder, but the car still proves to agile: thermal thruster, electric, provides a necessary supported by the two boost always present and allows you to make quick manoeuvres in complete safety. Good automatic transmission, feels very little changing from one gear to the other. Also the ideal hybrid appearance finds its place among the city’s streets, even in the tail, as it saves a lot of fuel. On roads and in highway anyway the 2018 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid behaves well. The convenience of this SUV shines among the highway turns, very useful radar away, like all the other security systems. Safe car, easy to drive, which allows families to have so much space, technology, safety and environmental protection.

2018 Toyota Rav4 Price List

Toyota Rav4 2WD 2.5 HV 197 Active horses 33,500 Euros
Toyota Rav4 2.5 HV 197 horses Style 2WD 36,200 Euros
Toyota Rav4 2.5 HV 197 horses Exclusive 2WD 37,500 Euro
Toyota Rav4 2.5 HV 197 horses Lounge 2WD 38,050 Euro
Toyota Rav4 2.5 HV 197 horses Style 4WD 39,200 Euros
Toyota Rav4 2.5 HV 197 horses Exclusive 4WD 40,500 Euros
Toyota Rav4 2.5 HV 197 horsepower 4WD 41,050 Euro Lounge


Toyota Rav4 2.0 D-4 d 143 Active horses 2WD 30,050 Euros
Toyota Rav4 2.0 D-4 d 143 horses Style 2WD 33,050 Euro
Toyota Rav4 2.0 D-4 d 143 horses Exclusive 34,350 Euro
Toyota Rav4 2.0 D-4 d 143 horses Lounge 2WD 34,900 Euros


Photo Credit: Toyota

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