2019 BMW M2 Cabriolet Rumors, Rendering, Redesign

Sunday, March 19th, 2017 - BMW
2019 BMW M2 Release Date USA and Pricelist

What was logical after the Coupe, here comes 2019 BMW M2 Cabriolet. A year after the launch of Twin Power turbocharged engine Coupe emotional 370 horsepower, it’s the turn off version with a canvas top. The images come from Autoblog.nl, shots apparently escaped on an online Configurator.

Has no real rival, a model that is in the same segment, that of a compact convertible. The particular technique of rear-wheel drive, performance, lead to deal directly with Porsche 718 Boxster S (albeit with 20 less horsepower, the latter) and BMW M4 convertible, despite the important difference of horses (and weight).

There were no differences whatsoever, apart from the roof coupé: same front bumper, blue brake calipers, wheels with split spokes, four tailpipes. The area of the belt line, which wraps around the back seats with a covering of the roof, electrically operated, folds into the trunk. 2019 BMW M2, the technical and performance

2019 BMW M2 Release Date USA and Pricelist

Renderings by Theophilus Chin are nothing new and the interpretation given by BMW M2 convertible is, as usual, interesting. This time, though, it might be something more than just an experiment in style and performance between the 2 Series, with its 370 horsepower 3-liter turbocharged engine, it could really turn into convertibles. The most attentive have noted the specificity of BMW in presenting M2 followed by Coupe. Why, if not the future prediction of the alternative discovery? This particular cling all who believe in the possibility of another variant of M2. Basically, the range of the Coupe and convertible versions overlap perfectly, as for engine options deals, not so much on the side of the transmission, lacking the integral for the series 2 convertible. Turning to the contents of the rendering style, was “simple” pull out a BMW convertible: front bumper, dedicated badge M2 rims 19-inch tailpipes on display and a small nolder on lid borrowed from closed Variant. The only differentiation, the absence of the roof, replaced by fabric hood, a plus if one thinks of the exaltation of the sound in March with hair blowing in the wind, something that could help the purists turn up their noses more committed, to question the kg extra that the convertible would be destined to lug around. BMW Cabrio renders output M2, in the coming year there may be interesting news related to the future of the family 2019 BMW M2.

2019 BMW M2 Cabriolet Rumors, Rendering, Redesign Pictures

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