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Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 - KIA
2019 Kia Stinger GT2 Interior System

Equipped with a 3.3-liter engine with 370 horsepower, the 2019 Kia Stinger GT aims to undermine the market of German saloons and not only. Price, technical sheet and our impressions and opinions in the car test drive.

The new Kia Stinger is a kind of offensive that the Korean brand wanted to bring to the segment of the saloons, a something that could shake the market and show that for them you can also a completely different approach than the one had Far. Thus was born a performance car that can compete without the doubt with those of much more emblazoned cars, demonstrating an internal know-how that is not at all backward compared to others. On the other hand, the fact of having been developed along the track of the Nurburgring and having had the supervision of Albert Biermann are factors not to be left out in the approach to a completely new car. But let’s go with order and see in detail the 2019 Kia Stinger GT. Then we will focus on the road test of the car.

2019 Kia Stinger GT Design; Beautiful Kia Ever

Although with a completely different interpretation, we cannot say that this Kia Stinger does not have the characteristic features of the Kia family feeling. The “Tiger Nose” in particular-the stylized grille-which, in this case, seems to be stretched horizontally and more crushed than we are accustomed to seeing. The sumptuous bonnet seems to be immersed in the sections of the bodywork that develop bumpers and wheel arches almost like a single block, with a lot of air intakes ahead of the wheels to better channel the air flow. Even the two outbursts on the bonnet itself – fake, too bad! – they help to have a gritty look, while to give a touch of elegance we think the projectors from the lines not only sumptuous and sinuous but also with an important and precious aspect. The latter of this great Korean tourism is that something that proves (and succeeds) to make the heart beat differently than the cold daily routine made of work and city movements with small and easily parkable cars. Four exhaust terminals dedicated to the 370 horsepower version, two on each side and mounted on the sides of an extractor that draws low hands on the racing world. The roofline drops softly towards a third volume which is in fact poorly pronounced, which makes this Kia Stinger very similar to a coupe, while the hint of spoiler built into the bodywork overhangs the ghosting lights. To break the delays and uniformity of a line that seems sculpted we think some elements scattered along the profile: from the air vents behind the front wheel, coinciding with which part a recess of the doors that continues throughout the side, To the inserts of the rear stops, which “turn the corner” and arrive almost on the rear wheel arches. A curiosity then lies in the rear doors, very long and a little awkward to open.

2019 Kia Stinger GT Interior

Let’s find out the interiors. Clearly climbing aboard the 2019 Kia Stinger GT comes to think of some element already seen and someone, instead, completely new. It is the case of the design of the air vents, three in the central area of the plank and two on the sides, as well as the control area of the conditioner. The steering wheel is typically Kia, which maintains the classic layout of the control buttons on the two races and flattens the profile at the bottom of the crown, just to seal even more a sporting soul locked in features from the sedan. However, the overall quality is much higher than the average of this brand, which is necessary to try to really undermine the market share conquered by Alfa Romeo Giulia and the German saloons. The leather of the Saddlery, for example, is of good quality, while the plastics that are scattered for the cockpit are able to guarantee a positive feeling to the touch, the merit of the soft invoice. Then there are the beautiful cases of the 720 Watt Audio Harman/Kardon System (13 speakers + 2 subwoofers), design as are the door handles.

Excellent comfort on board thanks not only to systems such as heating/cooling of the seats or the heating of the steering wheel, delicacies reserved for those who drive or otherwise sit in the front area, but also the vital space reserved for passengers Accommodated at the rear, although it is not the maximum to travel seated in three. Too bad that in contrast to the good comfort there is a high plank that restricts in part the view of those who drive as well as the rear window is certainly not the widest. All bypassable with a little ‘ practice obviously, making the eye with the size of the car and looking for its ideal driving position, necessarily to be stored in one of the memory slots that, in this case, “remember” other selections Personal as the driving mode. On the infotainment plane, the new Kia Stinger points everything on an 8-inch display, clearly touchscreen, which handles all the information on board but also pairing with smartphones, thanks to protocols such as Android cars and Apple car Play.

2019 Kia Stinger GT Blue Colors

2019 Kia Stinger GT Dimensions

From the technical sheet, we see the size from a good sedan that respects the Kia Stinger measures well 4 meters and 83 centimeters in length, not exactly little, therefore, while 1 meter and 87 centimeters is the overall width and marks a height of 1 meter and 40 centimeters. With such dimensions, the engineers could certainly not work miracles on the weight, which reaches 1,750 kg, while the capacity of the boot is 406 liters in 5-seater configuration, while it increases until it touches the 1,114 liters by knocking down the rear sofa in Configuration 40/60. The latter is accessed thanks to a huge hatch that, rising, opens a good light on all the interior space.

2019 Kia Stinger GT Features

It’s called Kia Drive Wise the package of assistance systems to guide that the Korean brand now proposes for a long time, present without doubt also on this aggressive 2019 Kia Stinger GT. It makes available to the driver equipment like the cruise control or the Head-Up Display, but also the lane assistant, who takes the reins of the steering wheel if it is changing lane without having put the arrow. Perhaps in some situations, it is even too invasive, especially with more cheerful gaits on narrow roads, but we can also give him an excellent vote because the system does exactly what it is programmed.

2019 Kia Stinger GT Engine Performance

In fact a car with gasoline engine V6 3.3 liters, Biturbo, credited to well 370 horsepower but especially with 510 Nm of maximum torque, we never imagined it was in the assumptions of Kia. And instead came this Stinger GT. Driving her is a kind of hot shivering down her back, an ecstasy. Not for the sound, that is too suffocated and silent for a car of this type, but because the couple is discharged with violence on the four wheels thanks to the whole pull. This AWD, moreover, prefers the sportsmanship, so that 100% of the traction is usually with the rear wheels and is transmitted only in case of necessity. But anyway we are talking about a full-bodied delivery, which you feel pushes you already starting from 3,000 laps until you engage the next gear of the 8-speed gearbox. However, we consider that Kia, rather than self-devoted to performance, has preferred to take home a model that also makes the journey its battleground. It means that despite the setting of the driving profile was on Sport +, the gearbox is not rough in the grafts but it is always well filtered. But be careful to manage the power well, because in Sport + is deactivated the stability control, instead of acting when you are “only” in sports. If you prefer trotting in harmony we think the Comfort mode to make the suspension even softer, while Eco aims to save fuel. But in Kia have thought even to the laziest, in fact, with the Smart mode: Once selected is the car that automatically adapts to the driving style, without having to change from time to time manually setting.

2019 Kia Stinger GT Price and Release Date

There is not much choice in terms of Allestiento and prices regarding the Kia Stinger, simply because the Kia have thought about the need to offer everything standard on this kind of car. You then have the 2019 Kia Stinger GT Line version, with the 2.2 liters 200 horsepower diesel engine, which starts from 47,500 euros. Only possible options, In addition, are the complete traction, the panoramic roof, and the pearly or white metallic paint. For the Kia Stinger GT, The price rises to 55,000 euro, with possible additions only for the panoramic roof and pearly or white metallic Colors.

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