2019 Mercedes X Class Comprehensive Review

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 - Mercedes Benz
2019 Mercedes X Class Interior Features

The excellent commercial vehicle in off-road and versatile on asphalt, large load capacity, refined style. The road test of the new Mercedes pick-up class X. Prices, dimensions, engines and technical data of the new car of the German house.
The 2019 Mercedes X Class pick-up, in the road test that we describe in this article, represents a novelty in the segment of commercial vehicles with bodywork, because it also makes the type of vehicles in the premium range enter. If in fact we exclude the classic American models top, not even imported directly, the panorama in this area is composed by means typically working with a few frills. Mercedes class X adds that touch of refinement typical of the brand. But it must be said clearly that it is still a commercial vehicle. It is in fact homologated in the category that article 82 of the road code calls N1, commonly said the truck, vehicle for transport of things with mass up to 3.5 tons. In our country, it is sold by the Vans division of Mercedes-Benz. It is therefore permitted to use it for the transport of things for work purposes and for the persons involved in the use or transport of the same. The approval may also include private purposes but for its own use; In this case, it is foreseen the transport of personal things but not the presence of other passengers.

Among the main technical characteristics, we find the integral traction insertable, reduced gears and the block of the rear differential; 2019 Mercedes X Class has excellent features even for use in rough terrain and difficult terrain in general. In addition, the load capacity of the body, as well as the substantial towed mass, make it a means of high versatility.

Exterior & Interior Design

Work medium Yes, but with style. The design of 2019 Mercedes X Class (developed in part in local, in Como) shows the characteristic elegant style of cars with the three-point star brand. In particular is the front section to show the usual family feeling, then the Big central star and double-bladed mask. Depending on the equipment, the bumper can be unpainted, for the best scratch resistance, or painted in color with the bodywork or even chrome. Ditto for the rear bumper. Always with the various protections specific to offroad vehicles. The same applies to the headlights, we go from the classic halogen lights to the full LED High Performance. The rims can be steel in the input or alloy version from 17 to 19 inch double spokes. Useful option is that of the lateral side panels, or even the electrically openable window. The body can be covered in various different ways, selectable from the extensive list of accessories. We go from the tarp to the hardtop that practically transforms the pickup into an SUV.

As for the interiors, 2019 Mercedes X Class could accommodate five people, however behind the space is better manageable for two passengers. The coatings start from the fabric, the synthetic material or the Arctic eco-leather. The plank is decorated with a panel available in various colours, look matte black, aluminium or wood. The chromed circular aeration vents reproduce those of the cars. At the center of the plank a display that reaches up to 8.4 inches. The dashboard has the center of a multimedia display for the main data of guide, navigation and telephony. The multimedia system is the same as the other cars, so it goes from Audio 20 CDs to Comand Online, including the characteristic multifunctional touchpad on the center console. There are also electrically adjustable seats. The steering wheel is multifunction but unfortunately does not have the depth adjustment, only the vertical one.

2019 Mercedes X Class Dimensions

We get to the numbers that count for the job. For its size, Mercedes class X belongs to the category of medium pickups. In relative sense, since the length of the vehicle is well 5,340 mm, then wheelbase of 3,150 mm, width without mirrors of 1,920 mm, height 2,829 mm. The body is 1,587 mm long, 1,560 mm wide and 474 mm High: It means a usable area of 2.48 square meters. 2019 Mercedes X Class has a body approved for transporting loads in Euro Pallet format. With regard to offroad use, the ground clearance is 202 mm, optional a raised trim of another 20 mm. The depth of the Ford is 600 mm; Front grading angle 28.8 °, rear 23.8 °; Ramp angle 20.4 °; Maximum inclination 49.8 °. Maximum slope exceedable 100%, i.e. 45 °.

2019 Mercedes X Class Gas Mileage Diesel Engine

We get the weights and the load. The empty weight varies from 2,161 to 2,234 Kg depending on engine and gearbox. The payload of the body ranges from 1,016 to 1,039 Kg. The towing force allows to carry trailers up to 3.5 tonnes. To give an example, the body can accommodate 17 barrels of 50 liters; The vehicle can tow a trailer with three horses (in the equine sense, not motorsport) or an 8-metre yacht.

2019 Mercedes X Class Engine Specs, Transmission, Performance, Consumption and Technology

Recalling that the chassis of Mercedes class X is of the type with longitudinal beams and crossbars and that the rear suspension is of the type Multilink, the models marketed in here have only turbocharged power engines. For the moment is available the four Cylinders 2.3 from 163 or 190 horses. In mid-2018 will also arrive the V6 3.0 from 258 horsepower, the most powerful of the segment. Starting from X 220 D 4Matic: Horsepower 163 horsepower, maximum torque 403 Nm from 1,500 to 2,500 rpm, 6-speed manual gearbox and 4Matic integral drive. The declared consumption is 7.6 l/100 on the mixed cycle, 8.1 in town and 7.3 on the extra-urban cycle. Performance: 0-100 in 12.9 seconds, 170 km/h maximum speed. We then have the model Mercedes class X 250 D only rear wheel drive: 190 horsepower, 450 Nm in the same range, 10.9 seconds on 0-100 and 184 km/h; Consumption 7.3 L/100 Km on the combined, 7.9 in town and 6.9 on the extra-urban. The automatic 7-speed gearbox is also available for this motorization: 11.4 seconds, 179 km/h, respective consumption of 7.7, 9.6 and 6.7 km/L.

Finally we find X 250 d 4Matic, full traction and only automatic gearbox. Consumptions become 7.9, 9.6 and 6.9 l/100 Km respectively; 0-100 in 11.8 seconds and 176 km/h.

The current 4Matic motors have an integral traction insertable, selectable by a knob under the bridge, as well as the reduced gears and, as an option, the locking of the rear differential. In mid-2018 will also come versions with permanent full traction.

Also on the technological side Mercedes class X is at the height of the brand. As far as connectivity is concerned, the Mercedes me Connect services are available to be connected to the vehicle via a smartphone. Extensive Guide Assistance Systems Package: 360 ° camera for parking, ESP for trailer, Descent assistance (under 5 km/h), lane maintenance, road signs detection, active braking assistance, emergency call, Tempomat.

In a road test from Rome to Amatrice, we could test the behavior of the Mercedes class X 250 D 4Matic with an automatic gearbox. In front of you sit comfortably, space is good. The electric adjustment of the guide seat helps to quickly find the correct position; Too bad you miss the depth adjustment of the steering wheel. The automatic gearbox control is different from those of the current Mercedes cars; We find the classic lever on the tunnel instead of the steering wheel. The sequential selection mode of the reports is also available. No paddles, those will come with V6. Behind it is sitting in a very raised position compared to the front seats; The space for the legs is sufficient, you are wide in two, in three it is not advisable to do it for long strokes.

Normal road driveability is easy and always safe. Remarkable agility in offroad use, thanks to reduced gears and lockable differential. Of course, you have to pay attention to the encumbrances because five meters and thirty lengths are not a joke. Braking without incentive, pedal very soft; Precise steering, very low roll. All, of course, should be put in relation to mass and size, considerable as said. Performance and consumption in a vehicle like this are entirely dependent on the load. The torque is not lacking, the efficiency of Mercedes diesel is known. Then obviously if you tow a yacht you can not expect to consume as much as a class A. The overall impression of this Mercedes class X is that of optimal comfort for a medium that has the cards in order to meet the specific needs of those who need to work a vehicle with the structure of the pickup. And then it’s also a Mercedes.

Price and Equipment

The Mercedes X Class is marketed in three productions. It starts from Pure, for those who care for the hard. 17 steel rims, two-bladed black bezel, halogen headlights, LED lighting, load compartment, 20 USB Audio fabric seats, 12-control multifunction steering wheel. Price List VAT included 36,978 euro for the X 220 D 4Matic and 39,631 for the X 250 D 4Matic. You switch to Progressive, in which you add 17 alloy wheels, Silver radiator grille, tinted bumpers, three-rail load fixing, 8-speaker audio, chrome interior elements, door lights, and feet. Prices: X 220 D 4Matic 39,190 euro, x 250 D 37,951 euro, x 250 D 4Matic 41,843 euro. Finally, we find the Power setting, available only for the X 250 D 4Matic. Compared to Progressive are added among other things alloy wheels 18, led High-Performance headlights, LED taillights, seats in Arctic/dynamic leather, Audio 20 CD with touchpad, keyless start. Price 47,196 euro, always VAT included. On the X 250 D 4Matic Progressive There is an offer on leasing with advance 4,800 euro, fee 250 euro, duration 48 months/100,000 Km, insurance RCA 30 euro/month with maximum 10 million without deductible and free driving, waives the revenge and no loss of the class of merit.

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