2019 Subaru XV Review; Price, Specs, Feature, Interior, Safety

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 - Subaru
2019 Subaru XV Turbo AWD Performance Reviews

We tried on the road the 2019 Subaru XV, with gasoline engine 1.6 and automatic gearbox Lineartronic. All the features of the new Japanese SUV, with prices, spec sheet and our opinions in the test drive.

We got to carry out a long road test of the new Subaru XV 2018, the SUV from the size of almost 4 meters and 50 centimeters that the brand of the Pleiades has now launched on the market. As always the Boxer engine is the master, a distinctive sign that highlights the cars of the brand compared to the models proposed by the competition, as well as the integral traction. On the new version, however, there will be no diesel engines listed, but only gasoline options from 1.6 and 2 litres. But not only that: price, spec sheet and much more of the new Japanese SUV.

2019 Subaru XV Exterior Design

We unveil in detail all the features and technical specifications of Subaru XV. The very fact that the 2019 Subaru XV has been designed to face an important offroad can be seen immediately, even with a simple and distracted look. This is because the car body is high from the ground 22 cm, factor that also allowed to reach an attack angle of 18 degrees and one output of 29 degrees. Also all the plastics that are around the car profile contribute to the look of pure off-road, in this case positioned in the wheel area but also under the front bumper and along the miniskirts. The cockpit is, however, very similar to that of sister Subaru Impreza in terms of compactness, because it does not grow excessively in height, all in favor of a centralization and a lowering of the masses that bring a certainly greater enjoyment on Road. The result you know what it is? A car that is overall only 1 metre and 61 cm high. The whole then seasoned with an aesthetic definitely prone to those that are the European canons, with a swing of soft lines and tautness that create surfaces with luminous contrasts of effect. The front area is divided between the calender, not of generous dimensions but in the center of which is well highlighted the logo Subaru, and the pointed profiles of the headlamps strictly LED. At the rear the speech changes, because although the optical groups are of important dimensions, all the attention is captured by the protrusions and the sharp corners of the bumper.

2019 Subaru XV Interior

Let’s look at the interiors. Getting aboard this 2019 Subaru XV means enjoying a wide seat and a fair material used to fill the saddle, which is not inconsistent but not even too hard. In short, it is those who do not get tired during the journey a little ‘ longer but not even make you sink as if you were on the couch of the house. Then there are also the seams coordinated with the color of the bodywork, which always make a great effect and give a touch of prestige and care of the extra details. You have everything under control from the driver’s seat. Not one, not two but as many as three displays try to divide the board information. One is at the center of the instrumentation, thanks to which it is possible to maintain control over the driving assistance systems, one is on the top of the plank, which manages the information on the state of the vehicle (slope, inclination, water temperature/ Oil and so on) and the last, not least, is the 8 inch touchscreen display that handles infotainment. In short, a conglomeration of electronics that is opposed to the space to store objects, that under the central armrest and forward to the change lever is ample and with a lot of recharge sockets-now unthinkable find a car that does not have, both USB and 12v , but the real struggle is on “how many” have each of them-while in the door panels is reduced to the essential strait and put more than a small bottle of water becomes difficult. In any way it is not to underestimate the perception of internal quality that manages to transmit this new Japanese SUV, with pairs that seem to be made more than discreet and soft-touch materials from the non-economic aspect. Certainly not in the entire cockpit you get the same effect, more evident in the passenger area than on the steering wheel, for example, but it is certainly not to be underestimated.

2019 Subaru XV Dimensions

The dimensions of new Subaru XV 2019 are at a maximum length of 4 meters and 46 centimeters, then balanced by a width of 1 metre and 80 cm and a height of 1 meters and 61 centimeters. The pitch measures 2 meters and 66 cm, while the boot has a maximum capacity of 380 litres with rear seats raised, but they become 1,310 litres if the backs are knocked down.

2019 Subaru XV Price and Availability

Safety features of New 2019 Subaru XV

For some time now Subaru has been aiming to become a leader in the field of safety on board, working steadily to improve active and passive security. Subaru XV scored a scoring record obtained during the JNCAP tests, with 199.7 points on 208 totals, as well as got the full five stars after the Euro NCAP tests. The reason for these performances is to search primarily on the chassis, which has more deformation zones programmed than in the past, such that they address the impact forces along non-hazardous directions to the occupants. But then there is also an updated version of the EyeSight, the agglomeration of the systems of the one that for years Subaru mounts using the double camera behind the windshield.

The software has been improved and is capable of recognizing and detecting cars at a greater distance, so as to alert systems such as automatic braking or to better manage the adaptive cruise control, but there is also the active control management Of Lane. In This case you do not have a simple sound alarm when you pass the lane without entering the arrow, but the steering wheel corrects the trajectory to avoid the accidental change. This is also the motivation that led Subaru to commercialize

2019 Subaru XV Hybrid Road Test

Finally we get to the test drive. Since 2019 Subaru XV was designed to tackle off-road, we ventured on unpaved roads. These were passages at times more and less challenging, with funds passing from the mud messed with water to the expanse of pointed gravel. The latter may not prove to be exactly a problem when it comes to flat passages, but on some occasions we have had gravel beds under the wheels on slopes of even 10 degrees and beyond. This, for example, was the right opportunity to try the X-Mode of Subaru, allowing the car to manage the speed of descent autonomously. The system is activated within the speed of 20 km/h, beyond which it is deactivated and remains in standby up to 40 km/h, to wake up again when it is under 20 km/h or to deactivate the threshold of 40. Down the key behind the shift lever you must not do anything but set the speed of descent thanks to the pedals, accelerating if you want a higher speed or braking if you want to decrease, then the car does everything by itself. And it does it well, because on a bottom where the grip was exactly to the minimum it effectively maintained our game between 13 and 18 km/h, trying to keep at bay whenever one of the wheels lost the fight of the grip against the dancer gravel. The whole was then seasoned by a suspensive compartment that works very well to absorb all the roughness: they are also faced with 50 or 60 km/h or motorway joints that require a significantly faster compression to not Conveying annoying vibrations, insulation and comfort are always guaranteed. Usually the downside is that, once returned to the asphalt and trying to force a little ‘ the trajectory in turn, the roll is felt in an obvious way. We did exactly that. We went back to the asphalt, we forced a few corners with a higher speed and a more accentuated steering angle, but the roll was not made to feel.

It is not said that there is, it would be unthinkable, but the trim of the 2019 Subaru XV also allows you to fiddle cheerfully in the corner without excessive problems, also merit of the new chassis with rigidity from 70 to 100% more than in the past, depending on the area of analysis. Of course the 1.6-liter petrol engine aspirated by 114 horsepower does not shine for torque and power, is basically a small thruster and deliberately thought for a car that does not offer to an overly sporty audience, while the Lineartronic CVT gearbox tries to Optimize efficiency as much as possible. About Exchange, then, the Lineartronic only paired with the 1.6 litres engine has the option to select the “L” mode with the lever, moving exactly where in all the cars of the globe is the option for the sequential. This changes the operating logic of the gearbox to favor the “low speed” (quotation marks of obligation considering the type of exchange of which we speak, NDR), thus creating a kind of reduced virtual relationships for situations where more torque is needed or for offroad. Ultimately this last arrived in the Subaru home would have all the cards in order to tickle the palate of many customers, because it has a capacity to adapt to the conditions of the remarkable road. Just too bad that the average consumptions that we recorded are perhaps higher than the average for a 1.6 litres engine, since we talk about over 5 liters/100 km (marked) at 70 km/h with constant gas, but surely the permanent integral traction has its share of guilt. It is a question of priority in short: on the one hand the efficiency of the historical drive of Subaru, on the other a pinch of consumption extra.

2019 Subaru XV Pricelist

  • Subaru XV 1.6 i Lineartronic set up as well: 22,990 euro
  • Subaru XV 1.6 i Lineartronic Style fitting: 25,990 euro
  • Subaru XV 1.6 i Lineartronic Style ships: 27,990 euro
  • Subaru XV 1.6 i Lineartronic Premium setting: 30,490 euro
  • Subaru XV 2.0 i Lineartronic Style ships: 29,990 euro
  • Subaru XV 2.0 i Lineartronic Premium setting: 32,990 euro

2019 Subaru XV Review; Price, Specs, Feature, Interior, Safety Pictures

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