2020 BMW Z4: Specs, Chassis, Interior & More

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 - BMW
2020 BMW Z4 Price & Availability

The 2020 BMW Z4 shares the chassis with the new Toyota Supra but has a different appeal. Let’s find out all the information and features of the new BMW Z4.

There are many fans waiting for it and finally here is the 2020 BMW Z4, the roadster in Monaco that has made you dream long ago with the concept presented several months ago. Now the shapes are final and seem to continue to show the muscles, with a frame that is shared with the new generation Toyota Supra and has a greater torsional rigidity than in the past.

The Z generations of BMW have always made history and always created a certain appeal to customers, who appreciated being able to wander the streets with their hair in the wind. The 2020 BMW Z4 does not want to miss this tradition, just as it does not want to abandon completely those lines that have made its progenitors famous.

it is, in fact, a car that seems to have character, with muscular lines that sculpt not only the whole face, with ribs on the bonnet and a bumper that is a triumph of lines that intertwine with each other but above all the side. Just to the sides are more concretized those forms that seem carved in a large block of marble, stretched and with edges almost alive especially in the area of the extractors just behind the front wheel arches. Everything is then projected towards the rear, towards the wheel arches of the axle behind the passenger compartment that leads straight to the tip of the trunk. Just a tip is, like a shark’s nose, overlooking opaque flattened groups and a mix of lines that, to be honest, it also seems a bit ‘confusing. Compared to the progenitor, it has also grown along each axis: it is longer.

2020 BMW Z4 Interior

The interior of the 2020 BMW Z4 seems to be projected directly to the driver, as a good car voted for the pleasure of driving itself. This is demonstrated by the air conditioning controls but also the infotainment display slightly turned towards the driver’s seat, as if to wrap it to make everything ergonomically more comfortable to use. The finishes, as well as the leather interior, the sports seats for driver and passenger, complete with integrated headrest, stand out.

2020 BMW Z4 Convertible Price

From the dynamic point of view it is clear that such a car should have fun, otherwise it would be a failed model at the start. And for fun it must also be “at least a little” more performing than the previous generation.

Apparently, the new Z4 is more efficient, and just think of the chassis with a torsional rigidity increased by 30% compared to the past, the McPherson suspensions front and rear Multilink and the canonical distribution of weights evenly between the two axles.

Under the hood, there are 4-cylinder and six-cylinder engines in line, also this from the Bavarian tradition. The six in line will be a 3-liter 340-horsepower, while the 4-cylinder versions will have powers of 197 and 258 horsepower.

2020 BMW Z4: Specs, Chassis, Interior & More Pictures

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