2020 Ford Focus; Redesign, Interior Technology Update

Monday, May 7th, 2018 - Ford
2020 Ford Focus Redesign and Changes

Finally revealed the 2020 Ford Focus, segment C flagship of the Blue Oval brand that promises many innovations. The new Ford Focus 2020 was presented in an official fashion by Ford, with a series of novelties that first sees the motorist in the spotlight. Ford has developed this new Focus starting from feedback received from customers, valuable advice that has allowed to give practical and intelligent solutions to problems encountered in everyday use.

2020 Ford Focus Redesign Exterior & Interior

The new Ford Focus changes in the lines compared to the past, which now has become more muscular and allow a glance (almost) completely different. The front tries to combine soft and fluid lines, so as to be able to improve the coefficient of aerodynamic penetration, subject to intense studies nowadays because in part responsible for the overall efficiency. The grille has been redesigned, although maintaining what is the typical dilemma of Ford, as well as the front and rear optical groups were affected by a complete restyling. In the latter case, the designers tried to distance the luminous elements as much as possible, so as to guarantee greater visibility on the road. Even the increased pitch of 53 mm allowed a different aesthetic connotation, as well as a greater space on board for occupants: it allowed the adoption of new and higher rubbers, so as to make the proportions more harmonious.

2020 Ford Focus Redesign Interior

The interiors of the new Ford Focus 2020 are something we’ve already got to test on the new generation of Ford Fiesta. The instrumentation continues to maintain a mixed connotation between digital and analog, unlike some brands that now point everything on display, while the screen 8 inches of infotainment is perched in the center of the bridge and allows you to manage all the On-board equipment. Inevitable, of course, the SYNC 3 system with a lot of voice commands but also the ability to check the status of the car through the FordPass application. One of the points in favor of this new segment C is the space reserved for those who sit behind, greatly increased compared to the past generation, but also those who go ahead can benefit from a redistribution of the commands in favor of a better habitability.

Advanced Technology

Clearly, on the technological level, the new Ford Focus 2020 could certainly not be less than the competition, especially in a historical period that sees assistance to driving as a fundamental basis for (almost) any innovation. In addition to classic systems such as the now-known adaptive cruise control, which also allows you to brake and restart automatically if the stop phase lasts less than 3 seconds, or the maintenance of lane and the automatic glare, the new Focus can also use the Pre-adjustment of lighting on the basis of road signs and curves. Onboard have found space also systems like the Head-Up Display, not to look away from the road, but also the system for automatic parking, which allows the driver only to monitor the parking maneuver, which appeared today is seen with Particular annoyance. The guide is however largely aided with the blocking of the system of the new C segment of the Blue Oval, so that there is the possibility that you must in case it detects any car in slow running or that stop suddenly, as well as that brakes if it detects Pedestrians or cyclists on a collision course and the driver does not act in a sudden the brakes.

Engine Specs & Trims

The new Ford Focus will be available with diesel and gasoline engines. In the first case, the blue engines are in the 1.5 liters steps with 95 and 120 horsepower and 2 liters with 150 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque. On the gasoline, the front could not miss the now famous and winning EcoBoost: 1.0 from 100 and 125 horsepower, with so much deactivation of cylinders to save fuel. Combined with the motors can be chosen also the automatic transmission to 8 ratios, which in addition to varying the response thanks to the selection of driving modes, bases its action also on adaptive Shift scheduling systems to optimize gear shift and adaptive Shift Quality Control, to have uniform gear changes by adjusting to environmental information.

2020 Ford Focus Hybrid Engine Performance

2020 Ford Focus ST-Line

As now customary also the new Ford Focus 2020 will have in the range the ST-Line version. Once again it is proposed as a model from the sporting soul, to which however it can not necessarily be conjugated an excessive performance engine, which would increase the operating costs and the living costs. The sports characterization starts from a bumper band with increased air intakes, always synonymous of sportsmanship, to which then is also head of a revised exhaust terminal. There is a lowered trim to allow better handling on the corners, while inside the new Ford Focus ST-Line Sports not only the red seams for the saddlery but also the carbon look inserts.

2020 Ford Focus; Redesign, Interior Technology Update Pictures

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