2020 Honda Civic Type R Release Date

2020 Honda Civic Type R Release Date

The 2020 Honda Civic Type R was created to break the patterns even more than the past generation did. Not only aesthetic schemes, given the aerodynamic appendices all except sober, but also performance, because it silenced any voice can think that a front wheel cannot unload well on the ground more than 280 or 290 horses. On the other hand, the record at the Nurburgring says it all, even if it leaves the time it finds.

2020 Honda Civic Type R Redesign; Aerodynamics for a Futuristic Aesthetic

At first glance the glance immediately falls on the spoiler of the new Honda Civic Type R. For the accuracy there are two: one follows the line of the rear window, the other is completely detached and imposing itself as a massive presence over the whole rear. This is only the culmination of an aerodynamic package that is used to manage airflows on all surfaces, to keep them partially attached and partly to generate vortexes to reduce resistance.

So we can not wonder at all by looking at the front splitter with lots of fins at the ends, the big air intakes in the bumper to create an ad hoc cooling to the brakes, the flat bottom, the miniskirts and the rear extractor, as they serve to Search for performance. The counterpart, however, is an aesthetic reminiscent of the films of the saga “the Fast and the Furious”, perhaps far from the canons of sobriety to which we are accustomed in Europe but without a shadow of a doubt incisive in creating spectacle and curiosity in anyone who had to go next to This car.

There is, however, to admit that, all in all, and unloading with three separate outlets of different diameters, the aerodynamic appendices seem to be the natural extension of a bodywork that makes angular lines already a theme of its own.

The whole front block, with the muzzle, seems to have been stretched along the horizontal axis, with headlights that seem to have small gems instead of the position lights, while the big stops behind the hood almost might think are disproportionate if there were no Big Wing.

2020 Honda Civic Type R Interior; Racing Look

That the 2020 Honda Civic Type R is an explicitly sporty car is a fact. Undeniable. But this leads us to ask whether it is the case to accept or not when buying for the lucky ones who can sleep at home, the presence of some plastics that seem economical to the touch and the sight. The central block of the steering wheel, for example, is not the maximum, as well as some details of the bridge and central tunnel.

Then there are the carbon look inserts that may please or not please depending on your personal taste, but it is not conceivable to remain indifferent to the Alcantara sports seats. They are simply racing, which means functional, beautiful, containment and with obviously integrated headrest. They create an ergonomically valid driving position as long as you adjust the distance from the pedals strictly in aluminum and in-depth and flying height. Then you have to drive.

For those who should be interested also in an almost daily commute, provided that a car of the kind and with 20-inch rims can digest well the roughness of the European roads, engineers have thought of a series of comforts.

The wireless charging in Primis, but also a storage compartment under the central armrest that has a considerable space. Sure to raise the armrest there is a need to put the whole hand under the top, but in return, you will not have problems even to position vertically 2-liter bottles. Then clearly there are several USB charging sockets (between 1.0 and 1.5 amperes), a classic cigarette lighter socket and an HDMI connection directly to the multimedia system.

a lot of technology

The Japanese never leave to be desired in technology, so we expected a good package of assistance systems from this Honda Civic Type R. And we were not disappointed. The A. A. S systems to monitor and supervise in an active and passive way on the guide there are all, as well as other devices that help in everyday life, such as parking room and sensors placed both forward and behind the car.

Then you can count on the blind corner monitoring of the mirrors, on the adaptive cruise control manageable with steering wheel controls, on the active lane maintenance and recognition of road signs. The whole thing that works so not too intrusive and seems to be perfectly integrated into the car system.

On the infotainment level, the touchscreen display in the center of the dashboard is the bridge of all functions, from the navigator to pairing with the smartphone through Bluetooth or MirrorLink. Behind the wheel is a 7-inch display that acts as an instrument.

The Contamarin is always in plain sight, as well as speedometer and tachometer, while you can choose the accessory information to be displayed, switching from consumption to acceleration G, from the stopwatch to even the LEDs of change.

New Honda Civic Type R Dimensions

Compared to the classical design of the C-segment, the 2020 Honda Civic Type R is much longer, because it is not maintained in an oscillating range between 4.28 and 4.34 meters, but it goes even up to 4.56 meters. This means inside space also valid for passengers seated in second row and trunk of large size, because it houses up to 476 liters with backs not cut down. The downside is that, clearly, it’s not easily parkable in overcrowded cities.

2020 Honda Civic Type R Engine; New VTEC TURBO

Without a doubt, the passage of VTEC from the aspired version to the turbo was a blow for all fans of Japanese cars. Or at least for all those who have not had a way to test it in this configuration. This is because the 2.0 of the Earth Dreams Technology family is a variable-valve turbo engine, capable of delivering 320 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Basically, it is ready starting from 2,200 laps on, the threshold beyond which the thrust starts to feel and rises steadily and incessantly up to about 4,500 laps, value beyond which the tachometer stands out practically the flight up to 7,000.

Then enter the limiter and there is necessarily need to change gear. In this regard, forget the automatic transmission, because the hand will have to take to the short lever of the manual gearbox 6 gears and graft the next relationship with grace and decision at the same time. Objectively it is a pleasure to maneuver this mechanism, which also grafts shorter ratios of 7% because you do not miss a shot and the marches enter wonderfully.

Clear however that the road is not the ideal battleground for this Type R, which at the Nurburgring has closed around in 7 ‘ 43 ″ 8, grabbing the record category. So we snapped on the track.

Turning on the track you can actually understand how the work of engineering and electronics behind this Honda was remarkable, such as to stem the natural understeer that an engine and traction both on the front manifests in the exit of the curve. Everything is not only about a limited slip differential mounted on the front axle, but also of the VSA – Vehicle Stability Assist system – which brakes the wheels inside the curve so as to allow a better curve dynamic.

Well with this Civic you can enter the curve still slightly stapled, not too much to avoid overbaking the rear, then set the steering angle and keep it in a granitic way until the moment of reopening the gas. This is also allowed by the electric steering, we must admit, that when the driving mode Pistaiola “+ R” is activated it becomes hard just like in a racing car.

Through the pedal of the accelerator ride by wire you just have to give that wire gas just to have traction and to work the differential to center curve, then sinks slowly more and more outgoing. It rattles a couple of gears and sinks again on the brake pedal, very hard even this as the steering wheel and that does not ask for anything other than the kg of thrust enough, so as to call to order the braking system Brembo with 4-piston pliers and 350 m discs M to the front. Pierced, of course.

Although the 4.56 m long is felt on the track, where a greater reason in tight curves would prefer a car with a shorter and agiler, 45% more static stiffness and 37% more torsional stiffness given to the chassis are definitely difference A.

This is because there is no obvious twist and the response of the front and rear multilink-McPherson suspensions – is easily readable and interpretable as sincere. Any loss of adhesion is transferred to the pilot quickly, to pull the reins of this racing car and put it back into axis.

2020 Civic Type R Review; Conclusions

Objectively the new Honda Civic Type R 2020 is a car made to give us in during the track day off Sunday and take off good satisfaction, also because it is sharpened as few if you interpret the guide in the right way.

With Nu price close to 39,000 euros it is difficult to find better in fact of technical data and performance, while the speech changes for those who prefer to have more exclusive interiors and more valuable finishes.

The new Type R is a car that looks very much at the substance rather than the appearance, so that when you turn on the default driving mode is always the “Sport”, regardless of the active selection at the last shutdown.

Sure you can also go into “Comfort” rather than “+ R” if you want a milder response of gas and softer suspensions, but at that point, you might as well revise your expectations and look at other products.

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