2020 Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept; The Q70 Replacement?

Thursday, February 8th, 2018 - Infiniti
2020 Infiniti Q Inspiration is 2010 Infiniti Q70

The concept anticipates the new infinite style and the electrified architecture that could give life to the infinite Q70 in 2020. Infiniti at the Detroit 2018 show launches Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept. Exercise style, a show car that anticipates what will be the next course of the brand in terms of design, after the arrival of Karim Habib from BMW. A large sedan with a coupé profile and a very low roofline towards the tail. It was unveiled in world premiere at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show.

Significantly changes the design compared to the latest proposals of the brand and Q Inspiration could anticipate the content that we will see in a couple of years on the Infiniti Q70. A generation that will certainly have so many multimedia contents on board, autonomous driving, and the new engine. But not electric.


The exterior of infinite Q Inspiration Concept presents a design with dynamic and safe proportions. It is the first manifestation of the new language of Infiniti. The concept avoids classic sedan forms, it is more a coupé with four doors, which allow an easy entry into the cockpit. Muscular front, the muzzle integrates new special headlights of new conception, the logo of the house and the frame of the grille are also backlit and give life to an extremely modern front. Air vents integrated into the bumper.

2020 Infiniti Q Inspiration Interior

Very clean and minimalistic than the exteriors, like the interiors. Inside is all in the glass, which gives the impression of great breadth. The steering wheel is there, even if the fourth level ProPilot driving system debuts: The pilot will always check the car, using a steering wheel and pedals, while the electronics will act as a copilot, helping the driver in case of danger. This pro pilot system is able to drive the car by itself, following the directions of the navigator. Very useful especially in the streets suburban and on the highway, where allows the driver to relax. In the interiors there are also screens for each passenger, equipped with all the functions of the vehicle, of infotainment systems, even monitors the health status of the occupants.

2020 Infiniti Q Inspiration Engine Specs

The other big news about this infinite Q Inspiration Concept is the VC-Turbo engine, a variable compression “on-the-go” powertrain, thanks to a leverage system under the camshaft that modifies the data of the piston. In other words, the four-cylinder turbo is able to vary the stroke of the pistons by modifying the compression ratio: depending on the needs you can privilege performance or running efficiency.

2020 Infiniti Q Inspiration Release Date

2020 Infiniti Q Inspiration to replace Infiniti Q70?

Infiniti Q70 today is a flagship from 4 meters and 98 inches long, four doors and five seats, already with a hybrid proposal that combines the V6 engine to the electric unit, for 364 horsepower in total. The schema could develop into a new hybrid architecture. A large sedan that seems to go fishing in the territory of the four-door coupes, inspired by the road traveled by Mercedes CLS.

Soft shapes, high beltline, a very long step, anticipate from the mark, letting slip the indication of an unusually long cockpit volume.

In Europe, Infiniti Q70, which we have taken as a possible reference for a correspondence of the 2020 Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept, if it were to become a standard product, starts from 50,050 euros with engine 2.2 liters diesel, there are versions 3.7 V6 Gasoline and the already listed hybrid, with V6 engine 3.5 litres gasoline.

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