2020 Mercedes A-Class Review; Engine, Price, Interior, Updates

Saturday, August 4th, 2018 - Mercedes Benz
2020 Mercedes A-Class Interior With MBUX Multimedia

Road test of the 2020 Mercedes A-Class in version 200 Automatic Premium. Our impressions on the road, the price, the technical data and the dimensions.

Our new road test is aboard the Mercedes-class in 2018. It seems yesterday that in 2012 the Mercedes proposed a radical change of its Class A: from small city minivan to a real sedan of segment C. The success was so great that the Germans worked hard to create a worthy substitute. And the result is really impactful.

Aesthetically sports a front and a rear inspired by the family feeling inaugurated by the latest generation Mercedes CLS. The strong piece of the 2020 Mercedes A-Class However are the interiors: completely redesigned, with a minimalist look and with so much technology on board. The quality perceived generally is of excellent level, but there are some smuth or details underlie.

2020 Mercedes A-Class Redesign & Specs

The new Mercedes A class can count on a fairly simple and proven technical data sheet, which foresees the adoption of the Mercedes modular flatbed for front-wheel-drive cars with the transverse motor. The suspensive pattern includes McPherson independent wheel suspensions at the front, while at the rear there is a twisting bridge (only the A250 is provided with Multilink).

Mercedes A200 Automatic
Displacement: 1332 cm³
Supply: petrol
Power: 120 kW (163 HP)
Couple: 250 Nm
0-100 km / h: 7.5 s
Full speed: 225 km / h
Declared consumption: 5.2 l / 100km

The test version is the Mercedes A200 Automatic, equipped with the new 1,332 cc petrol engine, developed in collaboration with Renault. This is the 1.3-liter four-cylinder turbo-line engine, capable of developing a maximum power of 163 hp at 5,500 rpm and a torque of 250 Nm at 1,620 rpm. The transmission is entrusted to a seven-speed automatic double-clutch gearbox 7g-DCT, which transfers the power to the front wheels (at the moment there are not yet a list of all-wheel drive versions). The performance of the new Mercedes A200 is interesting, even if it is not a sports car: it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 225 km/h, while the declared consumptions are 5.2 litres for 100 km, equivalent to about 19.2 km /l. The tank is 50 liters and thus allows a theoretical autonomy of about 960 km.

2020 Mercedes A-Class A200 DCT Review

New Mercedes A-Class Dimensions

As a size the 2020 Mercedes A-Class has grown by 11 cm compared to the previous generation, becoming one of the largest C-segment sedans on the market.

External dimensions
Length: 4.419 mm
Width: 1,796 mm
Height: 1,440 mm
Step: 2.729 mm

The space on board is not lacking for those who sit in front, while behind it is a bit ‘ closer to the sporty shape of the pavilion. The trunk of the 2020 Mercedes A-Class is able to hold a minimum of 341 liters with five passengers on board but rises to a volume of 1,157 liters knocking down the rear sofa. Certainly not a record capacity, especially for a car from 4.42 meters in length.

The class A in the base fitting mounts 16-inch wheels mounted on tires measuring 205/60 R16, but if desired as an option you can reach up to the rims 19 ″ on tires 225/40 R19 (mounted on the test specimen). The unladen weight, on the other hand, is 1,375 kg for the A200 Automatic.

2020 Mercedes A-Class Interior Features; With MBUX Multimedia

New Mercedes A-class rhymes with technology. The Premium version, a subject of the test drive, has an already quite rich standard equipment: rear rearview camera, Active Lane-keeping Assist, fixed-disk navigation system, automatic speed limit detection system, 7 ″ Multimedia Mbux, 7 ″ digital instrument panel, two-zone automatic Climarizer, LED headlights and 18 ″ alloy wheels.

But the technology on board does not stop here, only you have to put hand to the wallet to integrate the endowment: Digital instrument panel from 10.25 ″, infotainment from 10.25 ″, Blind Spot Monitor, 360 ° camera, head-up display, Park Assist, recognition of Road signs and Multibeam LED headlights are all content that you pay aside.

Among the advantages of the infotainment system is the ability to control it with voice commands (just activate them by saying “Hey Mercedes”), or via touch Pad or touch screen. Excellent resolution and also excellent images of the rear camera.

Let’s move on to the sore notes: The price of the Mercedes class in 2018. It starts from 26,680 euros for the version A160 base, but the preparation of our test costs 36,891 euros. And counting also the options are exceeded by the momentum of 40,000 euros.

Test Drive

It’s finally time to get at the wheel of the new Mercedes-class in 2018 and start our test drive. We open the door we are facing space interiors: entering the car we seem to be in the future, at least 10 years ahead of the rest of the world. Finishes of the highest level, beautiful the bridge on several levels, stupendous the shape of the air conditioning vents, incredible the two huge screens from over 10 inches: One makes the dashboard, the other for the first time in Mercedes is also a touchscreen, and has navigator, infotainment and much more. This screen is also governable by the touchpad in the middle of the central tunnel. Few buttons, it is now all digital and fantastic. Let’s turn on the engine and start.

Our car is equipped with the 1.3 engine, 4-cylinder gasoline from 163 horsepower. As a propeller does not have great brio, it is very silent but does not seem to have all these horses. It works well at low speeds but does not shine with sportsmanship. And then the automatic gearbox seven-speed dual clutch is not very reactive and often is not perfect in choosing the appropriate gear to the stretch of road that we are going along. There are three modes: in Eco, it sails when the gas springs, in Sport it is more reactive but it is not sporty.

Although the design says otherwise, our version of Mercedes A-class is not sporty. It is definitely a very comfortable car: the comfort of the seats, the suspensions absorb the roughness of the road, perfect visibility without blind corners, the steering has a clean response and allows us to make the curves in a very sweet. There are three different steering modes, the choice is mostly between Sport and Comfort. It is a car designed to be more beautiful to drive, but above all highlights the technology.

This is the leitmotif of this new Mercedes A-class: technology. From the rear camera to the ADAS, to the Mbux infotainment system, this car is a triumph of hi-tech. Fantastic the camera at 360 degrees, interesting the cruise control that allows us to relax even more driving, with the car that stays on the track alone (although often the system of maintenance of the roadway acts in an invasive manner and is too Abrupt). Great voice recognition: almost as with SIRI, with “Hey Mercedes” you can talk to the car that is connected to the Internet thanks to an internal SIM. You can ask him about the weather of a place, to book a restaurant, to lower or raise the temperature, to choose a particular radio and much more. It works fine and allows you to never pull your hands off the steering wheel.

This 2020 Mercedes A-Class compared to the past is improved in the exterior, in the interior, but especially in the technology on board. Welcome to the future.

2020 Mercedes A-Class Review; Engine, Price, Interior, Updates Pictures

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