2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Preview: Specs, Features & Release Date

Friday, September 7th, 2018 - Mercedes Benz
2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Release Date and Price

Worldwide presentation for the 2020 Mercedes EQC SUV, which officially launches the era of electric mobility defined by Mercedes.

New Mercedes EQC presented in Stockholm. That the world of auto-mobility is going more and more towards the direction of electric cars is a fact, so even Mercedes has half of his hand and has officially presented the Mercedes EQC. After several brands that began to spread electric cars, the German brand wanted to give its interpretation of innovation and sustainable mobility, launching in Stockholm the first SUV that opens the way to the EQ sub-brand.

2020 Mercedes EQC Design

The new Mercedes EQC is clearly inspired by its sister Mercedes GLC, a traditional version with an internal combustion engine, at least as regards the volume of the front hood and the entire rear block, starting from the B-pillar up to the tail. Clearly with innovations that lead to differentiating it clearly from the GLC, starting from the front end. The grille is not lost, unlike other fully electric cars, but it retains the classic connotation of strips and on some versions the Mercedes crest, big, thick and positioned exactly in the middle, backlighting (with a lot of resistance to defrost it) ).

The optical groups are completely new and see not only whole projectors superimposed diagonally, but also a whole strip of white LEDs that runs right across the top of the grille, uniting in a continuous line all the luminous signature, clearly flanked by blue articular directly inside the headlights to distinguish this newborn of the EQ family.

From the extreme front tip, you go directly behind, towards the rear hood with about 500 liters of luggage, covering all 4 meters and 71 cm in length, of which 2,873 meters are in step. Taking up again the idea of the continuous light strip used on the front, a continuous red strip also connects the rear lights, elegant and sinuous inside a tailgate with a rear window that follows the gentle lines of the C pillars and gently bows towards the bumper, below which obviously there is no discharge.

2020 Mercedes EQC Battery Range

In fact, if it were not for the blue details and the clear EQ written on the sides of the front bonnet, as well as for the lack of the exhaust, could be confused by parked (and only stationary, in absolute) with a traditional Mercedes car. Innovation but with an eye to tradition, perhaps not to disorient the customer?

2020 Mercedes EQC Interior Features

A car that has opened a technological era for a luxury brand like Mercedes, which wants to define the future of motoring, could only have a technology at the top of the possibilities within it. If we did not look at the configuration of the instrumentation – strictly digital – which includes the percentage of the remaining battery as well as how much power you are asking, the operation of the energy recovery under braking and the new air conditioning vents, we almost did not realize we were on an electric car.

The interiors are the classics of Mercedes, spacious and definitely voted for luxury and comfort, with the dual display on the dashboard that acts as an instrumentation, indeed, and from infotainment. All the controls and the MBUX artificial intelligence seen on the 2020 Mercedes A-Class, activated with the voice at the sound of “Hey Mercedes” were also transported here, so that you can talk to the car in a more fluid and less robotic. The central tunnel is the part that changes the most, while the paddles behind the steering wheel now manage the types of braking energy recovery that we can use: we can then move from the sway to the automatic that adjusts according to the needs, to more or less marked brakes which then recover more or less energy when the accelerator is left.

It is clearly a new way of understanding mobility, towards which one must begin to do a little ‘habit considering the times that begin to run. In any case, the internal software has available a whole series of “features” dedicated to the EQ sub-brand, which include the calculation of the route based on the total distance and the various charging columns that are on the way, just to name one. Obviously, the car adopts the efficiency also on the basis of the cartography of the navigator as well as based on environmental data read by the sensors, we would miss it

2020 Mercedes EQC Engine Specs

For those who are thirsty for information, we can also move to the “succulent” but silent part of the 2020 Mercedes EQC SUV, the electric motor. Or rather the two electric motors, because one is mounted on the rear axle and one on the front axle, so that you can take advantage of a traction on all four wheels. Obviously, the traction ratio is not fixed but variable, so as to allow to unleash the ambitions of the driver in every situation, in accordance with the selected driving mode.

Basically, there is a total of 300 kW, 408 horses to be precise, which can lead to taking the new Mercedes EQC from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds net. Obviously all thanks to the torque curve of the electric motors – asynchronous in this case, unlike the rest of the market that has opted for synchronous motors -, flat and that provides all the torque immediately, so that the 765 Nm available does not seem to be affected by the 650 kg of lithium-ion batteries of 80 kWh.

The speed instead is limited to 180 km / h, not a very high value but moreover exploitable only on German Autobahns without speed limits, therefore abundantly suitable for ordinary circulation in all countries. According to the statements we speak of 450 km of total autonomy, but it could undergo some changes because it is still temporary, while to recharge it takes 40 minutes to reach 80% of autonomy if you use a charging station with a power of 110 kW. Obviously, even the home outlet can be used, with obviously longer times to get a full electricity. In this regard, Mercedes has also thought of a dedicated wall box, a charger – to be purchased separately, but in which the price is also included at home and the connection to a more powerful electric line – which you can keep in your garage and that provides for charging in a third of the time compared to the domestic socket.

2020 Mercedes EQC Release Date

Soothe the minds and keep the wallets, however, because to see the 2020 Mercedes EQC directly on our roads will have to wait for half of 2019, a period during which there will be official marketing. It will be produced directly in the Bremen plant, moreover with battery packs that Mercedes has decided to produce directly independently (excluding cells, which instead come from an external supplier), both to reduce costs and to ensure high-quality standards both because, in doing so, it can produce batteries as close as possible to the assembly line of electric cars.

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