Anibal Icon 2018; The 920 Hp Canadian Supercar

Friday, September 29th, 2017 - Anibal
2018 Anibal Icon Specifications

Read our Preview of the Anibal Icon 2018 standard features, Design Interior Exterior, Engine Specification, Pictures Gallery, Price and Release Date News. Basicly, This Car Made From Porsche 911, carbon fiber bodywork, so Anibal Automotive wants to make a supercar made in Canada.

Anibal Automotive launches in the creation of a sophisticated project, a supercar that promises to run under 7 minutes at the Nurburgring. The unusual match, the one between Canada and supercar, with Anibal Icon aims to create something unique in the country of maple leaves.

Obviously not a project completely realized in the House, in fact, the mechanics arrive from Porsche House, starting from the engine, a boxer 6 cylinders biturbo, of which at the moment remain hidden details about the displacement, the torque, the interventions made To the boxer of the 911 Turbo S to increase the power up to 920 horses declared on the Icon.

The Stuttgart House also resumes adaptive dampers and rear steering wheels. The link between Anibal and the Porsche world is tight, for a company specializing in the creation of body-kits predominantly aimed at the models of Stuttgart.

The Icon has brought this specialization to the extreme. Frame and bodywork are entirely made of carbon fiber, for a total mass declared in 1,540 kg. Attention has been focused on aerodynamic optimization, so it is a flourishing of openings, conduits, active elements. The front features two profiles just above the splitter, furniture, designed to convey the air with a variable incidence towards the openings in the upper part and, in the part dug between the wheel and front bonnet, towards the side.

2018 Anibal Icon Rear Angle Pictures HD

In the queue is the wing to rise to generate more load when needed. It marries with a not so extreme diffuser and a myriad of openings and vents of air.

Unmistakable the Porsche recall in the rear optical groups, those of the 911, while the wing is an arched profile. Anibal Icon uses a four-wheel drive transmission system, mounts brakes and promises even better performance than the Porsche 918 Spyder in the shooting from 0 to a 100 km/h, accelerated in 2 ″ 5. In 2018 will begin production in a very small series, 50 specimens to which are to follow 5 Limited edition even more extreme and specialized.

Pictures: anibalicon

Anibal Icon 2018; The 920 Hp Canadian Supercar Pictures

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