Citroen C1 ELLE – Special Edition With Special Features

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 - Citroen
Citroen C1 ELLE VS Urban Ride

After the special series, C1 Urban Ride Citroen expands its offer with the new special series CITROEN C1 ELLE elegant, trendy and connected

The result of the collaboration with ELLE magazine will be available in here the special series of the Citroen C1, the Citroen C1 Elle, a car that expands a renewed range after the launch of the special series C1 Urban Ride. Citroën C1 URBAN RIDE and Citroën C1 ELLE offer specific features to conquer the male and female clientele. Everyone can choose the C1 most suitable for their needs. The URBAN RIDE energetic and adventurous or the C1 ELLE elegant and trendy.

With the new special series C1 ELLE, more elegant, trendy and connected, the French House wants to propose its city car sparkling and easy to ride with a breath of freshness that focuses on femininity and caters to a clientele that seeks style and personality even in Movements. Citroën C1 ELLE takes its cue from active women and their lifestyles. The ideal model for living in the city with style and vitality seduces for compactness, elegant design, wellness on board and avant-garde technologies.


Citroen C1 ELLE features the alloy wheels 15 ″ PLANET emblem of elegance in the two-tone exclusive Nude with Ink Black roof, defined by a special finish of the rear pillar and sublimated by side glass and darkened window. Citroen C1 ELLE offers two other color combinations: Polar White with silver grey roof and Ink Black with the silver-grey roof. The shells of the black external mirrors underline the harmony and the elegance of the vehicle (shells of the external mirrors chromed in option). And for an even more personalized cockpit, on the front doors is placed the badge ELLE, aluminum, with the 4 letters of the name of the magazine.


The ELLE Pack Color is also expressed on board, with seats in mottled Wave Light Grey fabric and Cherry Pink stitching. To emphasize the attention to details dedicated to the interiors, the multimedia front panel and the finishing of the dashboard are of an opaque pink color, in contrast to the base of the gearshift lever and the moldings of the glossy black side aerators. A specific customization is placed on the passenger side of the dashboard belt. In the same spirit, the specific front and rear mats take back the Cherry Pink in the profile and in the customization ELLE. An original and cool environment makes C1 trendy and dynamic.

Citroen C1 ELLE VS Urban Ride


Citroën C1 ELLE already equipped with electric folding mirrors and heating, TouchPad 7 ‘ ‘ Mirror Screen Triple Play, handsfree Bluetooth Kit, and USB socket is enriched with automatic air conditioning and automatic ignition of dipped headlights, Active City Brake, inadvertent overpass notice of the roadway line and recognition of speed limits. All to guarantee serenity, ease of driving and well-being on board, in the city and outside the door. For even greater comfort, C1 ELLE proposes the Keyless Access & Start system and the reversing camera. To be trendy, Citroën C1 is 100% connected, thanks to an extended mirror Screen technology, now compatible with Apple CarPlay ™, Android Auto and Mirror Link.


Available on the 5-door sedan, the Citroën C1 ELLE features a VTI 72 petrol engine block that can be combined with a manual gearbox or piloted manual gearbox (ETG). Efficient and performing, it responds to the Euro 6.2 and transforms every trip in a moment of well-being. Citroen C1 ELLE starts from a base price of 13,250 euros.

Citroen C1 ELLE – Special Edition With Special Features Pictures

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