2020 Ferrari SP38 Special; All Youu Need to Know

Friday, June 1st, 2018 - Ferrari
2020 Ferrari SP38 Platform

The Ferrari SP38 is Ferrari’s latest special creation, created from the mind of a wealthy customer.

The Ferrari one-OFF program is a special sector, for those customers who are not going to “type-approve” with a Ferrari series, although these are definitely not widespread, but want to give life to their ideas. So it is right from the mind of a wealthy passionate customer avid of the world of racing that was born, under the skilful guidance of designers and technicians of Maranello, the Ferrari SP38

2020 Ferrari SP38 Style

The Ferrari style Centre has considered the basis of the Ferrari 488 GTB, which has completely revolutionized aesthetics to make it more prone to customer expectations, and has given birth to the Ferrari SP38. The frontal, for example, has been redesigned and encompasses the optical groups studied and produced specifically for this unique model, as well as the bonnet and the aerodynamic appendices of the entire front block which also incorporate the position lights. Volumetrically everything is moved towards the rear, surely the most massive part of this supercar with aggressive tone and that does not fail to recall a little ‘ what is the history of Ferrari itself, with references to iconic models such as F40-in this case in Part of the rear bonnet and in the absence of a real rear window – or the 308 GTB, to which they were inspired by the anterior lip.

But because technique and aesthetics must still go hand-to-hand, especially of a car of this caliber, here is that the optimisation of the flows has been treated equally to allow an air supply towards the intercooler, as well as the slits in the bonnet guarantee A better cooling of the engine and the rear spoiler the right deportance. The latter turns out well merged to the rest of the bodywork, without jarring but rather creating a stylistic continuum of great value.

The first public appearance of this special interpretation by the Prancing horse will be at the agree of Elegance Villa d’este, festival during which it will be possible to point the eye towards the interiors completamten developed and cured by Tailor Made Ferrari Customization program.

2020 Ferrari SP38 Specs & Performance

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