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Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 - Ford
Ford Focus RS 2018 Automatic Specs and Prices

We tried the new Ford Focus RS 2018 road, high-performance hatchback. All our impressions on the test drive, complete with price, technical and performance.

on this article, he tried the Ford Focus RS 2018! The most powerful version of Ford Focus RS Focus range, one rung above even the ST version, but with this generation blue oval brand has managed to make a quantum leap compared to the past. Much more power now comes from the power unit, 350 horses, but above all things was equipped with all-wheel drive, unlike the old Focus RS who downloaded the power exclusively on the front axle. Ford also decided to equip the new hot hatch a series of driving modes that are increasingly attracted to lovers of the track, but you have to pay attention because you are always on a car from the rough and because the Electronics does not make all of the pilots. But let’s go with order and discover data sheet, Interior, price and road manners of this Focus RS.


That Ford in managed to maintain and exacerbate what is the aggressive character of the Ford Focus RS for sure. The lines of this peppery hot hatch are able to invoke all the know-how had in the past, but equally to reinterpret it so lively and naughty. Just think of the hexagonal grille that looks like a large mouth with below vents and chanel who want to bring the air to the brakes, all interspersed with aerodynamic appendages for improving the management of air flows. At the rear, however, the character probably underlines this Ford Focus RS performance’s vote, thanks to the large integrated Extractor with dual exhaust, as is also the fog lights, Formula 1 style. Also, the rear bumper has managed to earn the special shaping and who manage to break sharply with the Ford Focus standard, but simply punch in your eyes to be captured by the highly generous size spoiler perched directly on the rear window. It’s probably one of the hind wings larger C-segment hatchback currently on the market (and not only …). Despite the side view is one that invokes the Ford Focus suitable for those who don’t need a sports car, customizations, nonetheless could not miss, which translate into dedicated mirrors but, above all, of the larger wheel arches decidedly flashy character and miniskirts.

People used to pick Ford is already aware that blue oval cars have an interior with lines a bit outside the box than to direct competitors, as seen by the shape of the ventilation grilles. The new Ford Focus RS adopts a central display equipment of sufficient size (and color) to read all the information and understanding from time to time as they are running all systems on board. A Recaro sports seats, with profiles of the plan, is markedly seated and back especially up to contain the pilot (Yes, it’s appropriate to say) during lateral accelerations stronger. At the center of the dashboard, there is an 8-inch touchscreen display, through which you can manage the Ford SYNC system 2 and see what are the edge settings, some passengers even replicating what he sees directly the driver.

2018 Ford Focus Dimensions

Despite the performance which can reach the new Ford Focus RS 2018 is also always a C-segment hatchback, with the maximum size that could be imagined even before reading the data sheet. Nevertheless, the overall length is, however, a few centimeters taller than average, measuring 4 meters and 39 cm, while the width of 2 meters and 1 cm and height of 1 meter and 47 centimeters are positioned in line with the other proposals.

Ford Focus RS 2018 Trunk Capacity

Ford Focus RS trunk

The space for the trunk of the Ford Focus RS is decidedly below average, as it simply measures 260 liters with load up to the height from the overhead bin, which becomes 1061 broke down the rear seat backrest and loading the car up to the roof, while the litres available for the tank are 51 litres.

2018 Ford Focus Specs

Certainly, there are two more interesting data the technical data of the new Ford Focus RS 2018: the engine and traction. The first is a 2.3 liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder turbo, capable of developing maximum output of 350 horsepower and maximum torque of 440 Nm (470 with temporary over boost 15 seconds) of between 2,000 and 4,500 rpm, which translates into a maximum possible speed to 266 km/h. As mentioned earlier the traction is integral, first time on this model, and besides being coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission reports is electronically managed also by the selector. The braking system has 350 mm ventilated front discs and Brembo monoblock caliper from bites, while the rear we think floating Calliper to act on the disc to 302 mm, all within 19-inch rims with Michelin Pilot Super Sport from 235/35.


After experiencing strong emotions of Ford Focus ST (here the road test) had the pleasure to test out the most extreme version of the Focus range or the Ford Focus RS. A fireball from 350 HP all-wheel drive, with the same Ecoboost Powertrain 2.3 assembling the Ford Mustang “European”, peppered with more horses under the hood that make this extraordinarily powerful performance car, ben 470 Nm of torque. A hurricane in full, dare I say, when I press on the accelerator, both for the sound that gets into your veins is for the couple that releases and leading to 100 Km/h in just 4.7 seconds.
Once you open the door of the Ford Focus RS if it remains hooked. Beautiful branded Recaro RS reflecting in full those proposed on the younger sister Focus ST. Also, the instrumentation and controls are those already seen on Focus ST with the difference of an onboard computer much richer in assists and the plus key “magic” drive mode, on the left side of the shift lever, on which we will make various etched in our test. Ditto, for the Central display with touch control provided Narrator SYNC 2 and the dual-zone climate control, elegant, simple and intuitive in its use.

When you turn the Ford Focus RS set up guide is set by default to the driving mode “normal”. The set up of the Guide are a total of four. In addition to the “normal”, you have the driving mode “sport”, “circuit” and “drift”. To see how to use the Guide button “drive mode” Although whenever you turn off the car the set up is reset and reset always on “normal” mode.

To learn more about the peculiarities of Ford Focus RS is certainly not the city the best place although the guidance of this super sports fits even in definable more civilians. The joke from bar certainly does: “the city is its death.” Yet you may find driving pleasure even in the urban stretches with the “normal” mode that makes the car a sporty road. Sitting on the Ford Focus RS you are fine. Has a very natural and never uncomfortable with an impeccable ability to accompany and drawing curves. You go love as for sporty driving although the location behind the wheel is raised perhaps too much for a car of his caliber and the lateral support is perhaps all too obvious. But we had already noticed also on Focus ST

Over 3,500 rpm the boost is violent and in “sport” mode you can hear some crackling arrive by discharges which make the whole thing a whirl of pleasure. I read that some have called this car as a car that is good for self-esteem. Well, can you blame him? And indeed, although we are not pilots, that man, with the RS you’re staying!

Test Drive Ford Focus RS

In “sport” mode the suspension is slightly softer but they do keep the car a trim always soft, allowing you to digest the hostility of the asphalt with a path suited to suburban or stiffness. Stiffens slightly instead of more accurate angles to allow steering and gas pedal is more responsive.

Forcing the pace all-wheel drive keeps the Focus RS 2018 glued to the road and the car breaks down ever. But if you want to use more extreme settings of this extraordinary creature from the electronic circuit “modes” and “empathetic drift” are for you. Just click on the button “drive mode” and you’re done.

All-wheel drive on how “circuit” and “drift” takes a more dynamic torque vectoring feature a rally team, an electronic system that distributes power in torque to the rear axle. At the back you get in “drift” to the 70% torque to the rear axle with the front axle to 30% always in tow, allowing to operate the so-called “drift”.

You can then make the “profiles” (curves with the straight car) but this is a part that in this road test there about not being able to take advantage of a track.
We instead give an account of what this car can be sports car enthusiasts with the chance to make RS oversteering and entertainment without ever overdoing it when big haul roads.

Consumption stood at the behest of those of the Ford Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost with an average of 15.8 liters of gasoline per 100 Km at a rapid pace and if you are good and you drive under 2,500 rounds on road can be eaten up 14.7 liters per 100 Km. To track consumption do not have data available.
The usual on audio equipment, adequate and clean sound. Since performance car talks a nice subwoofer mounted as standard as the Mustang though wouldn’t hurt!

2018 Ford Focus Price

As already mentioned the new Ford Focus RS has the ability to select driving modes and you can also select the “Drift”. Electronic systems such as adaptive bi-xenon headlights and Active City Stop couldn’t miss, as well as the rear of the parking lot to avoid bumping into objects or other cars during the maneuver. The starting price for grabbing this new Ford Focus RS in the garage is 43,125 euros.

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