How to Wash Car Interiors, Tips and Tricks: DIY Guide

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The cleaning of the interiors by car with steam

How to Wash Car Interiors, Tips and Tricks: DIY Guide – From the fabric to the skin, from the vinyl to the Alcantara: how to wash the interior of the car without risking to ruin the coatings

How to wash the car interior? How to remove stains from the seats? This operation is in simple appearance, but some precautions should be taken to not worsen the situation and find yourself with the seats irreparably damaged. Speaking of the most complicated cases, such as cleaning the seats in leather or how to clean the seats in Alcantara in case of persistent stains, you probably can not avoid contacting a specialist. Also because it makes no sense to spend thousands of euros to cover the cockpit with high-quality materials, if you neglect them; In a premium car, the image is everything. However, when it comes to ordinary operations you can also clean the car seats with DIY, as well as clean the car dashboard. Car interior Cleaning prices are very variable. It goes from a few euros for a detergent to 120 or 150 euros for a complete sanitation by a specialist. However, everything is possible with a little attention. Let’s see how.

How to wash the interior of the plastic car

Speaking of how to wash the interior of the plastic car, we refer mainly to clean the dashboard of the car in DIY, as well as the rest of the plank and the panels. The cheapest seats are coated in different materials that may seem plastic but are not. Generally, much of the dirt on these parts is made up of dust. So, first you have to use the vacuum cleaner. Then a microfiber cloth just moistened with water is sufficient. To improve the whole, you can then apply a specific detergent for dashboards, always passing it through a soft cloth. Be careful not to use excessive amounts of product.

The cleaning of the interiors by car with steam

A good system is to proceed to the cleaning of the interiors by car with steam, using a special appliance. The first thing to know is that you should not use the steam on real leather or Alcantara. On the other materials, you can easily move everywhere, both on the seats and on the dashboard and on the panels. This should be done after using the vacuum cleaner, otherwise the steam would do nothing but spread the dust even more. The steam is effective mainly to eliminate bacteria and dust mites, not removable from the simple vacuum cleaner.

Clean the car seats in fabric and other cheap materials with DIY

The most common case is the one where you have to clean the seats of the fabric car, always with DIY. The fabric is sneaky, because it has a perverse tendency to absorb all the dirt. The most common fabrics are nylon and polyester. But the same applies to other economic materials, such as vinyl or faux leather. Here the steam can be a valuable ally. In case of difficult stains, you can try to pass on the stain a microfiber cloth just soaked in a mixture of hot water and bicarbonate, or hot water and a specific detergent (or neutral soap, sometimes). Some use vinegar instead of baking soda; It is equally effective, but it can leave a residue of odor.

How to wash the interior of the plastic car

How to clean your car leather seats

Let’s talk about how to clean your car’s leather seats. We refer to the real leather, be it nappa or other type; I mean, the one we paid for a head eye. The skin is a very delicate material. No steam and no improvised mixes. Only specific products should be used. For ordinary cleaning you have to pass a small amount of product with the usual soft microfiber cloth. The product must be poured onto the cloth, not directly on the seat. A good specific detergent will also have the effect of “nourishing” the skin, that is to keep it soft, preventing it from recovering. For the stains on the real skin instead it is not the case to venture. It is better to use a specialist; The more stain is old, the more difficult it will be to remove it.

How to clean the seats in Alcantara

Alcantara is a special material produced by the homonymous Italian company. It is one of the most prestigious coatings in the world; For this reason it is highly expensive, also it is very delicate and therefore needs particular caution. How to clean the car seats in Alcantara? For ordinary cleaning There are no particular difficulties. If it is done daily, the vacuum cleaner is sufficient, or a soft brush or a dry cloth. On a weekly basis, after the vacuum cleaner, apply a white cotton cloth slightly moistened with water. For the annual cleaning, if the seat is removable the cover can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees with neutral soap; Very important, you should never use either the centrifuge or the bleach. If there is velcro on the edges of the coating, it must be covered with the velcro before washing. Dry in the open air and brush with a soft bristle brush. You can also iron, using a white cloth between the iron and the coating; In addition, the iron temperature must not exceed 110 °. However, in case of dry cleaning, the trichloroethylene should not be used.

If the seat is not removable, then it must be cleaned using a specific product for Alcantara. The list is located on the website The same goes for fresh spots. In case of old or very difficult stains it is worth the same speech as the real skin: Fly by a specialist, the sooner it is better.

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The cleaning of the interiors by car with steamHow to wash the interior of the plastic carHow to clean your car leather seatsHow to clean the seats in AlcantaraClean the car seats in fabric and other cheap materials with DIY
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