Infiniti QX Inspiration: The Best Future Electric SUV DESIGN!

Monday, January 28th, 2019 - Infiniti
Infiniti QX Inspiration Price & Availability

Infiniti launches QX Inspiration at the Detroit Motor Show 2019, the concept for an electric SUV in series production.

On the occasion of the 2019 Detroit Motor Show in the Japanese brand, Infiniti did not miss the chance to launch the Infiniti QX Inspiration concept. It is a demonstrator, but it paves the way towards completely electric vehicles for the brand, in a stylistic key never interpreted so far by Infiniti designers.

It is no secret that the future of world motoring follows the trend of electrification. So even Infiniti, which certainly does not speak behind in terms of electrification, but that has not yet reached the goal of having a fully electric model in the range, has beaten this way. It wants to go from the hybrid concept, until now widely used, to the completely electric concept of traction and it does so present, for now only as a concept, the prototype QX Inspiration.

Infiniti QX Inspiration is the expression of what is a medium-sized SUV for the Japanese brand, which was launched at the Detroit Motor Show but which we could soon see coming in a series configuration. The electrification of the Infiniti model portfolio has therefore kicked off, adding an additional competitor in a panorama that now sees multiple brands of the global automotive industry in this race for all-electric cars.

The new Concept by Infiniti can also be recognized in the look, with a completely new design key for the signature, which wants to create a mix of powerful but at the same time simple shapes. A sort of inspiration towards a theme, that of electric mobility, which recalls tranquility, but above all that does not have the need to host large engines in the front bonnet, which therefore leaves room for an advanced cabin and new proportions.

Infiniti QX Inspiration Interior Features

The forms suggest that, as usual, the batteries will be housed in the lower part of the passenger compartment, to keep the center of gravity low and improve the driving dynamics, while the traction will be integral. All these features result in a spacious passenger compartment, since physically there is more space available both in the upper part and in the lower part, since the transmission parts are considerably smaller and smaller.

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