Jaguar E-Peace 2019 SUV: Teaser, Size, Release Date and Price, Maybe hybrid

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 - Jaguar
New Jaguar E-Pace 2019 EV Release date

We discover the official release, size, price and all the engines of the new Jaguar E-Pace 2019, the new compact SUV. Hybrid versions? Still not formalised.

Jaguar E-Pace 2019, the compact SUV, prepares for debut. Preview set on July 13th, while the exit on the market will take place towards the end of 2017 with a price list that is destined starting from approximately 36,800 euros. As far as engines are concerned, gasoline, diesel and perhaps hybrid versions will be available, but there is still no official. Jaguar E-Peace 2019 goes to the bottom of the F-Pace, which plays the game between medium-sized SUVs, to understand Stelvio, Q5, X3 and GLC. E-Pace will be the premium proposal a step lower, as to size: imagine a product from 4 meters and a half-length, to differentiate it from F-pace. will have to intercept an audience that, today, looks at the “cousin” Range Rover Evoque, will challenge the future BMW X2.

Behind the presentation, Jaguar details the path that led to the birth of its first compact SUV, E-pace. More than 150 prototypes have been built, developed over 25 months of testing, which have seen the SUV busy at extreme temperatures, from-40 °c of the Arctic to 48 °c of the Middle East desert, also passing by the Nurburgring (over 400 laps) and the Nardò ring. There is also a stake in the higher quotas of the Chinese provinces, where it is obvious to expect a hybrid e-peace, given the local pollution legislation.

A curiosity: Jaguar E-Peace was flooded on purpose, introduced in a 50 cm Ford engine on, then turned off and door open. After an hour left “a Mollo”, the technicians verified that the engine was still able to start and restart: operation completed successfully.

2019 Jaguar E-Pace: interior rich in connectivity and security

The interiors of the new Jaguar E-Peace 2019 are not currently being unveiled, but what is certain and that it is that they will be full of technology for the infotainment department and with a rich endowment with regard to both active and passive safety.

New Jaguar E-Pace 2019 SUV Review

According to Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design director: “The combination of a sporty design and typical Jaguar performance will guarantee the E-Peace of excel in its segment. Each jaguar is designed to excite the senses and we feel that e-peace succeeds in this intent while maintaining its own strong personality “.

The style is from pure sports SUV

We can define it as the exact copy of the F-pace 2019 in reduced format given the very proximity in terms of style, quality and mechanics.

At the front you can perceive the now huge characteristic “mouth” that will be embellished in the center with the Jaguar logo, dynamic and tapered the front optical groups under which camp still large air vents. All synonymous with great aggression and sportsmanship.

From behind you have an even more camouflaged view and so before you see your final garment there will be a lot to wait for. In the meantime we can barely see the huge exhaust terminals and the line of headlights, even in this case subtle and the look sporty.

Motors: Even electric?

The motorization compartment will be almost specular to that of Jaguar E-Peace 2019 and the “cousin” Evoque: so we probably will find in the diesel side the 2 litres in the steps from 150 and 179 horsepower, accompanied by the 2.0 of gasoline displacement from 240 horsepower. Finally there will be the extreme “s” from about 500 horsepower maximum. Who knows if Jaguar will try the fate with a variant even electric? What is certain is that the English brand has fallen into the cyclone of SUVs, crossovers and off-road “for all tastes” with the Ingenium engines.

Jaguar E-Peace 2019 hybrid? There is no official yet but it could be a good alternative to include in the range.

Jaguar E-Peace 2019 SUV: Teaser, Size, Release Date and Price, Maybe hybrid Pictures

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