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Thursday, January 4th, 2018 - Mercedes Benz
2019 Mercedes A Class Colors

The Mercedes Benz A Class 2019 Released in 2018 is waiting at the Geneva Motor Show, then will go on the market with a myriad of novelties: engines, interiors, dimensions and technical features totally renewed

Appointment at the Geneva Motor Show with a new Mercedes Benz A Class 2019. It is the probable date destined to the launch of the fourth generation of the compact, which will also be declined in the three-volume sedan variants, Mercedes CLA, and GLA SUV. Last tests in extreme climatic conditions, in the testing center in Sweden, where Mercedes class A is tested to the freezing temperatures record below freezing. Checks of the correct functioning of the systems that offer yet another look at the first aesthetic novelties that we will find on the new project. MFA platform, front-wheel drive, the introduction of latest-generation engines, from 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder modular to the hybrid turbo petrol version, an absolute novelty for Class A.

Mercedes who collaborated with the Renault-Nissan Alliance The development of a new turbo petrol engine 1.3 liters, intended to find space under the hood of Class A, a good proposal to cover the range of powers between 120 and 160 horsepower, where today the model on the market resort to a turbo gasoline 1.6 liters.

Appreciable indications from the last video released by Mercedes point to the mirrors, which will have more rounded and pleasing lines, as well as the support anchored to the door and no longer at the base of the upright A. We can also perceive the luminous graphics of the multibeam LED headlights, top of the range one with the function of extended coverage of the road in front of the vehicle, taken from the models of Upper segment. The exemplary protagonist of the video has the unmistakable sound of a sports version, it could be the Mercedes-AMG A45 4Matic or the intermediate sportsmanship, an AMG A43 always with 2-liter turbo petrol engine but an electrified component in addition and a Power level lower than the 400 horses expected from the top of the range.

Mercedes Benz A Class 2019 Redesign Interior & Exterior

Mercedes Benz A Class 2019 Interior

It’s official data time on new Mercedes class at 2018. And it starts from the interior, revolutionized. There is so much of the upper segments, even elements taken from Mercedes S-class, such as the multifunction steering wheel, then a modern plank design and high technological content. The virtual instrumentation Class A overview will be offered as standard, single panel differentiated by size. The basic proposal will consist of two 7-inch displays, an intermediate solution match a 7-inch screen to a 10.25-inch display, the top of the range, on the other hand, will consist of two 10.25-inch screens, under a single glass plate, as for the 7 + 10,25 solution. It is an instrument completely free of eyelid, it exalts the suspended effect and offers new possibilities for a wraparound dashboard, from door to door, customizable of course in the finishes, from the most technical materials, aluminium effect, of the new Mercedes Benz A Class 2019, to the finest materials, like open-pore wood.

Mercedes Benz A Class 2019 Fornt Angle Fog lamps Changes

Dramatic evolution of the design also for the air conditioning, turbine vents, as for the total simplification of the keys in the center of the bridge. The touchpad on the tunnel and a few physical commands are the interfaces enough to handle all the functions. It’s probably the best indoor proposal seen so far in the C premium segment.

Aesthetic impressions aside, the evolution affects the LED ambient lights (optional), with 64 colors selected, continuing with the air-conditioned seats, through a fan placed under the pillow, adjustable over 3 different modes, which allows you to extract the Heat and ventilate the seat. Seats with massage function, through air chambers, and lumbar regulation and of the sides.

Exterior Style & Dimensions

Let’s talk about the Mercedes Benz A Class 2019 to say the increments obtained in the space on board. You are more comfortable, thanks to renewed measures, which offer 9 millimeters of extra space at the height of the shoulders for those who sit in front, 22 millimeters for those behind; With height of the elbows they earned 35 and 36 mm respectively; As for the “air” above the head, 7 millimeters in front, 8 behind.

The trunk cannot be excluded from the increase in space. The volume grows by 29 liters and you get a total of 370 liters. It is also easier to access, an opening 20 centimeters wider, possible thanks to the splitting of the headlights; In the compartment, 11.5 cm more in length and the modularity of the rear backs, on request, reclining in a more vertical position to obtain a few extra liters without sacrificing the 5 seats.

Approaching the moment of a debut for the new generation of Mercedes Benz A Class 2019 and CLA. The development forklifts give way to the spy photos of vehicles without camouflage, which put in the beautiful show the renewed lines of the front, influenced by the concept exhibited at the Salone in Frankfurt 2017.

In addition to the spy photos of the exterior, which confirm the strong evolution of the muzzle, with new optical groups, much more convincing than the solution adopted on the current model for sale, the images of the interior of the new class are sprouted at 2018. And it turns out the interesting arrangement of the climate vents on the same line as the steering column, the large virtual instrumentation, the backlit ignition button.

Details to add to the net change of style. The proportions remain similar, the games of the decision on the sides as well, with dimensions that will be slightly increasing. The front panel reveals a calendar inspired by the sections of the upper-segment saloons and, above all, at the AMG GT sportsmanship. Aggressive-edged headlights, elusive to the side.

Also interesting is the cut given to the rear of new Mercedes CLA, immortalized in the spy photos of behind a new Mercedes Benz A Class 2019. Headlights with horizontal development, related to those of the Su GLC, more abundant in the fitting with the three-quarters rear. The trend of the tail appears less tapered than the generation today routes, more from the classical sedan. Well, integrated is also the frames of the drains, in the plastic Grembialatura on the bumper.


The fourth generation entry level in Stuttgart offers a more aggressively advanced design with respect to the outgoing model, new proportions and measures increased in every respect: length 4,419 mm (+ 120), Width 1,796 (+ 16), Height 1,440 (+ 6) and wheelbase 2,729 (+ 30). Larger measures that place it upwards of segment C to the advantage of the internal habitability and capacity of the boot, which now touches a quota of 370 litres (+ 29 L.). As mentioned, the new Class A introduces together with the CLS the design of the next cars of the star and it is starting from the front with the new headlamps Multibeam LED (as an option to 512 euros), which reproduces clearly that of the sedan-coupe of the star.

The lateral profile was cleaned with horizontal taut lines that replaced the ascending line towards the rear that characterized the previous model. The back also changes a lot, with new optical groups developed horizontally with lines that go to tighten towards the plate and the double exhaust framed by chromium-plating well integrated in the new diffuser. Interventions that led to a CX record for the category of 0.25, in addition to improved visibility of 10% thanks to the reduction of the thickness of the uprights.

Test Drive

The specimen tested in the Croatian test drive was a A200 class, equipped with 1.4 gasoline from 163 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque developed in partnership with Renault, which works in tandem with the double clutch gearbox 7G DCT. The trim envisages McPherson at the front and multilink on the rear axle, the test specimen rested on 19-inch rims available in option. In the city you appreciate the comfort of the car given by the comfort of the seats and the soundproofing of the cockpit that filters well the voice of the engine, which responds in a soft way in eco mode and comfort to optimise consumption. It does this especially at cruising speed in the sailing phase, thanks to the automatic cylinder exclusion system which deactivates the second and third of the four in-line. The speech changes in Sport mode, with a more ready response in the low gears and the DCT 7G gearbox that delays the change to the maximum to take advantage of the 250 Nm of torque.

Between the curves the front is precise and the steering is progressive, while the roll is limited by the adjustable active suspension. You can accelerate in full curve without triggering skates, even if you have to be careful not to invade the White stripes if you want to avoid the intervention, a little ‘ invasive, of the system of maintenance of the lane.

It is one of many included in the Distronic package, together with the reading of the road signs, the automatic braking of emergency and the monitoring of the blind angle that also avoids the opening of the doors if someone is coming from behind. The new Class A also boasts half-autonomous driving systems, through the combined work of adaptive cruise control and steering control functions, which intervene in changes in direction, traffic and overtaking. The registered consumption was 6.5 L/100 Km compared to the 5.2 declared by the house, but I drove to have fun as I want to make this new class A, waiting for the AMG version.

Mercedes Benz A Class 2019 Price and Equipment

Leaving out the aesthetic aspect that remains in the sphere of the subjective, the new class A is undoubtedly improved in the driveability and content, in the face of an undoubtedly increased price. Three engines to launch the diesel 180 d, and gasoline A200 and A250 declined in the productions: Executive, Business, Sport and Premium. It starts from €30,029 for the A200 Executive up to 41,290 necessary for the A250 Premium, passing for the 32,670 euros for the 180 d Sport.

Mercedes Benz A Class 2019; Redesign, Stylish & Hi-tech Interior Pictures

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