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Thursday, July 20th, 2017 - Mercedes Benz
Release Date of Mercedes Benz X Class

The first Mercedes pickup can be a working medium as a perfect alternative to the usual luxurious SUV. Let’s talk about 2018 Mercedes-Benz Class X. All the features of the pick-up, prices, features and engines.

Unveiled the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class. The pickup is a market that begins to interest many, not only in Italy, so also Mercedes-Benz has succumbed to temptation. In Stockholm was presented its first pickup, Mercedes-Benz Class-X. It is a premium medium, able to combine the best of both worlds, that of the comfort typical of the brand of the star is that of the proverbial practicality of this type of medium. To make this thought even more obvious Mercedes-Benz has given life to two design of the concept car. The first is That adventurer more powerful, which shows how the class X possesses all the strengths of a classic pickup-resistant, functional, strong, and with off-road capability. The other class X is sleek, showing what it’ll distinguish the pickup with the star from the rest of the competition. The X class is a real Mercedes, for the distinctive design, for the great comfort and for the driving dynamics, as well as for the safety. This will lead Mercedes-Benz to be the first premium manufacturer to meet the changing needs of customers in the global segment of medium-sized pickups, with seating for up to five people.

Why a Mercedes pickup?

With the pickup, Mercedes-Benz Vans expands its range of products with a new, fourth, model. At the same time, the mark bearing the three-pronged star will become the first premium manufacturer to occupy the medium-sized pickup segment. Daimler AG will make nine-digit investments in euros in the new series of models from the time of launch on the market. Will be launched at the end of the 2017 under the name 2018 Mercedes-Benz Class X. The reference markets will be Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Presented in its final garment, it will be available in three different productions: pure, progressive and power. The first, designed primarily for those who will use it as a means of work, represents the basic version, but it will be anything but Spartan.

The most equipped is closer to the concept of luxury SUV, offering technological accessories to the last scream and presenting with refined alloy wheels of 18 inches in diameter (on request also available from 19 ″).

Mercedes Benz X Class pickup Release Date and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz Class X: Interior

The interiors of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class are another statement of what it wants to be this car, being characterized by an intriguing contrast of warm and cold colors, as well as high quality materials. The world of colors and materials translates the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz. A cosy atmosphere, characterized by different shades of brown. This color, which is also found on the dashboard, is combined with fresh white nappa leather. The modern style is further enhanced by circular air vents, from the Central high-resolution free-standing display, as well as the central controller and multifunctional touchpad. Similar to a smartphone, all telematics functions can be controlled with the touchpad, using gestures or entering letters and characters. Mercedes-Benz thus introduces the most modern control and visualization in the mid-size pickup segment. At the same time, the characteristics and features typical of the pickup segment have been retained, such as the handbrake in the central console.

2018 Mercedes-Benz Class X: Engine and more

As is the norm for Mercedes-Benz, Class X customers will be able to choose from several options to customize the exterior and the interior. But the premium brand will develop a special range of pick-up accessories, such as blankets and various stylistic elements. In addition, a series of internal components, which customers know and appreciate from Class C and Class V, will also be found in class X: From the perfectly finished materials of high quality to the infotainment system, to the comfort of ergonomic seating. As a result, the pickup will offer the “Welcome home”, typical brand feeling, and defines a new level of comfort and value in the mid-size pickup segment.

The X class will interpret a new way of communicating in the car, a new generation of infotainment. All this will be possible thanks to the communication module with the SIM card on-board, through which it will be possible to use the wide range of services Mercedes. Drivers can connect with their pickups from smartphones, tablets or PCs at any time and from anywhere. For example, to send navigation destinations to the vehicle or query from which the pickup is parked. In addition to these optional remote online services, there are standard services such as incident recovery, maintenance management and breakdown management.

We move on to the motors range: The top Model will be powered by a V6 diesel in conjunction with 4matic permanent full traction. The high torque motor will provide dynamic both on-road and off-road. The four drive wheels will combine with an electronic traction system. This and the electric drive of the on-demand differential lock channel the power of which the traction is provided. In extreme off-road conditions, the rear differential and the differential between axles can be blocked. This way you can safely master difficult obstacles and gradients.

This strong pickup can carry over 1.1 tonnes and will have a tow capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes. The power will be sufficient to carry about four cubic meters of wood and a sailboat connected to the tow hitch. At the same time, the suspensions specially built with wide axles, a rear axle with five arms with coil springs and a spring accurately calibrated, guarantee a high comfort of road and off road. The pick-up impresses with a precise steering, a comfortable and agile guide in corners. It can absorb shocks in a superior way, making it the ideal solution for the urban environment.

Like all Mercedes vehicles, the pickup will be characterized by exemplary safety. Modern guidance systems based on camcorders, radar and ultrasound sensors will support and relieve the driver in many situations, and thus also improve safety and comfort. A number of support systems will already come as standard.

The concept

X-Class Explorer: Progressive design with a SUV look

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz Class X Explorer pickup we see it with a bodywork in an elegant cold white metallic color, which demonstrates convincingly how this Mercedes-Benz will be decidedly elegant, a flagship in its segment and in the urban environment. Athletic design gives the concept car a markedly expressive and dynamic look. The front part represents an evolution of the SUV face Hallmark mark of the brand, with a more massive powerdome on the bonnet and headlights that extend well behind the scenes. The classic SUV front spoiler is not lacking, the highly enlarged wheel put even more emphasis on the sense of width, and give the vehicle an even stronger position on the road. At the same time, the front shows the single-Louvre grille with the Mercedes star in a central position, exactly as you can see on the stylish Mercedes-Benz coupe. The alloy rims are 22 inches in contrasting anthracite chrome finish. The footrests are integrated in the bodywork and emphasize the body sculpted athletically. The front overhang is extremely short, while the latter is very long. The rear of both concept car bears the chrome-plated SUV brand to cut on the bottom edge, and, as a distinctive trait, there is a continuous bright LED strip in a thin chromed frame on the tailgate. It indicates the unique character of the future pickup.

X-Class Concept Explorer powerful: redefinition of hardness

The X-class concept is completed with the powerful explorer version, which focuses on the classic traits of a pickup. This medium is characterized by a metallic lemonax paint that strongly shows the hardness, resistance and off-road capability. As a result, the future Mercedes-Benz Pickup manages to combine comfort and style with the fundamental virtues of this category of vehicles. The 2018 Mercedes-Benz Class X-Pickup Expoler powerful has a height of 1.90 meters and large tires. The enormous height from the ground and the athletic design infuse the charism at first sight. The distinctive sign is the radiator grille with two lamellas, together with the carbon front wheel and the rear incastr underline the off-road aesthetics. An electric winch on the front and a metal hook on the back are further indications of the toughness and power of the future pickup.

The interiors have opaque carbon elements in the outer and inner surfaces, brushed metal, and a combination of bold colors gives the vehicle a sense of power. The exterior finish Metallic Lemonax paint is perfectly tailored to the interior reflections colors. The seats offer lateral support in all handling situations and in any type of terrain, the side of the seats are covered in black leather that offer a good grip and feel are very pleasant.

Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck 2018; Mercedes Class X Reviews, Features, Engine Pictures

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