New Mercedes G-class 2019 ; What We Know [UPDATE]

Friday, December 22nd, 2017 - Mercedes Benz
Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2019 Interior Technology

It will be bigger to improve the interior space, but also with a new floor that saves many kilograms. Let’s talk about the new Mercedes G-class 2019, captured in these first spy photos.

Look at her well: this is not a creation wanted by a whimsical client. The one of the photos is the new generation of the Mercedes G-class, waiting for 2018. The forklift, surprised in a series of spy photos, shows the car body very similar to the current model, appropriately modified to house the mechanics of the new class G. Since the launch is getting closer, the camouflage are certainly not heavy and you They sense the shapes perfectly. The more precise details about it, however, are still scarce. What you know, according to the rumors, is that the platform will be all new. Moreover, it is an almost obvious feature, counting that the current model, albeit continually updated and revised, was born in the distant 1979.

The adoption of a last generation platform will allow having better performance on the road, but the engineers will do their best to keep the Mercedes G-class 2019 an unstoppable model even in 4WD. Specifically, the new lightweight and high-strength materials will save about 200 kg on the balance needle, with an additional advantage in terms of consumption and emissions savings.

The size will grow by about 10 cm in length and several centimeters even in width to greatly increase the space on board. All the new active technologies for safety have also been expected to debut, becoming now the trademark of all the new models of the star.

In the last one also deserves a hint of the speech of design. The G-class has always been faithful to itself in stylistic terms and strongly appreciated by the public for that very reason. Therefore it seems that for the next generation in Mercedes you want to maintain a strong relationship with the current, not to distort the soul of one of the most famous jeep of all time. We also expect some stylistic call of the energy-G-Force concept car of 2012.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2019 Interior Leather Seating Colors

The house has also spread, by now, a series of official photos depicting the interiors of the new Mercedes G-class 2019, of course with all the current stylistic canons well respected. Digital instrumentation is the first of these, thanks to which a 12.3-inch display completely replaces every analog hand shape, making it a mere reminder of the past. It is not a novelty because it has already been abundantly appreciated both on class S and class and-besides being waiting on the “small” of house, Class A-but on the G is its first appearance.

New Mercedes G-class 2019 Interior

While the Interior will have clear recalls with the past, the new G-class will be able to offer technological breakthroughs well apart from the first generation, such as wireless charging, while there are 15 inches of space that engineers and designers have managed to Recover from the generation that leaves the pace.

New Mercedes G-class 2019 ; What We Know [UPDATE] Pictures

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