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Friday, March 10th, 2017 - Volkswagen
Interior Nouvelle Polo 2017

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What do these spy shots of next new Volkswagen Polo 2018? Still very little, unfortunately. Also because, from what we hear around, the main new features of the sixth generation of this compact will be in German and under. Design cannot say almost nothing because masking reveals very little. In the various Spy photos that can be found in our gallery you can see three different forklifts, one in particular with the GTI alloy wheels that, most likely, sheltering the eponymous high-performance version.

The forms are generally more rounded than the current model, giving the impression of a larger car and placed on the ground. The family feeling in the front should trace the shapes on New Passat and Tiguan, while the tail should look like an evolution than today. Who is attentive to details will also have noticed that all five-door tested are forklifts, leaving to assume the abandonment of three-door variant, though it is still early to say for sure.

Another curious detail is that the specimen photographed was filming in the United States, as evidenced by the Arizona license plate. Simple desire to stay away from prying eyes in Europe or an indication of a business strategy that will bring u.s. Pole, a country not exactly fond of very small cars? If so, we can bet that the diesel versions will not be part of the lot.

The sixth generation is waiting for 2017, probably in the second half. New products are under, we said. Under the bodywork. In fact, the new build platform, an offshoot of the Group’s MQB more compact models (internal acronym A0), will allow the Polo to have a longer wheelbase. This means more space in the cockpit, especially rear legroom. For Volkswagen Polo 2018 we talk about nine centimeters, which are not few.

New VW Polo 2017 pictures

Though the overall length of the car will not increase too much, otherwise it would end in the Golf range. Therefore it will be necessary to shorten the sections that go beyond the axes, called in technical language changes. Also, in the same way as all other manufacturers, current industrial techniques allow to obtain frames lighter and stronger at the same time.

It also says that the next Volkswagen Polo 2018 will have better quality interiors, to keep up with the competition that pushed hard on this particular. We think so at best materials for coatings and especially to all the latest multimedia equipment, especially the smartphone replication systems, something that seems irreplaceable especially (but not only) for younger customers.

Volkswagen Polo 2018 Engine Trims

As for engines, there’s plenty to choose from. We will of course from three-cylinder 1.0; in the base model should still be the presence of aspirated version from 75 horses, flanked by turbo TSI, presumably different powers, configured in two from 100 and 115 horses. Moving on to the four-cylinder, here the turbo is a must. Will change, though, it would appear that the cubing: no more petrol and 1.6 diesel 1.4 instead will all be 1.5. Powers of gasoline fairly high, 140 and 160 horsepower; more attentive to consume diesel, content from 90 to 130 horses. Then is to see what do we invent for the GTI, if the current 1.8 or even the 2.0 (or “pull” 1.5, more chance to not discard); in any case the power will go up to at least 200 horsepower from the current 192, to stay behind at pepper rivals, at least in terms of marketing.

New Volkswagen Polo 2018 Reviews, Engine, Design Pictures

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