OFFICIAL! Tomahawk Supercar Release Date and Prices

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 - Auto
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The Tomahawk of Dubuc Motors has already received more than 4 million euros in crowdfunding for a project that, according to the brand’s responsible, aims to complement the supply in the world of electric vehicles that Tesla has already.

Dubuc Motors is a company that has recently been giving to talk, thanks to its tomahawk, a true four-wheel missile that is more a demonstration of all the potential of electric mobility. This model you see in the photos and video is the result of twelve years of development, and the intention of the Canadian company, headquartered in Quebec, is to create a complementary offer to Tesla. Namely, if the company of Elon Musk already has a sedan (Model S), an SUV (Model X) and prepares the launching of a compact (Model 3), what does it lack to animate the Malta? A sporting superior capabilities!

So the Tomahawk is born, which honors his name and promises to be a veritable weapon of massive destruction of opponents in the war on the asphalt, since he will have four electric motors. The result of this setting of a per-wheel engine will be a power of 800CV and a torque of 1350Nm, which will allow to reach 100km/h in just two seconds. These incredible numbers also add the capacity for everyday use, using the lithium-ion battery with 100kWh (integrated on the floor of a structure in aluminium and carbon fiber that allow a total weight of 1928kg distributed in a 50:50 ratio between the front and rear), which guarantees 600km between loads.

The exterior of sporting visuals has on the opening doors horizontal the main highlight, while inside for four occupants, who will be able to see the sun through the ceiling Panorânico, will be the amount of technologies offered to attract customers. Reference to the presence of solutions such as the WiFi hotspot, the 360 º vision and the possibility of performing multiple functions with feature of vocal commands. For the transportation of all your belongings aboard this electric Supersport, there will be two compartments (front and rear) in this model with 4, eight length and 2, 03m wide.

Tomahawk Supercar Release Date and Prices

After about 4,500,000 euros obtained through crowfunding, the goal of Dubuc Motors is to “open fire in the markets” with the Tomahawk already from next year. According to information revealed, the marketing price may be around the 125000 dollars, the equivalent of just over EUR 110,000.

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