PORSCHE 911 2019, The Next Generation of 911

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 - Porsche
Porsche 911 2019 Price

A preview of the next generation of the Porsche 911 2019 do you admire in a series of spy shots. Constant, relentless, tireless. The team is developing the new Porsche 911 continues unabated on his work, never stopping for a moment. It is this that has been the strength of the famous German model over the years: it has continually evolved, while remaining true to itself, just the way you like to many fans. The new spy photos show us what will be the next generation, the Porsche 911 2019, 992 project name, which should reach the market around just to 2019. The current Porsche 911 (991) is coming to market in 2012, bringing interesting new mechanics and more slender proportions, and was restyled in 2015.

Porsche 911 2019 Aerodynamic

The next step will be the next generation. The style, as usual, should not be radically new, but just a gradual evolution by today. For example will be redesigned the muzzle, with a bumper that at the moment it is still covered by heavy camuffature. Optical groups should adopt an internal lens layer similar to the Porsche Mission-E, both front and back.

From an aerodynamic point of view, it will be very important to the movable rear wing. As you can see in this photo, where the spoiler is lowered.

It will be the ninth generation of the Stuttgart sports, waiting to bring in price list all supercharged engines, but not just for the Carrera and Turbo, GT3 and GT2 for the most extreme variants. For all there should be flat-six turbo, which could turn up their noses at the aspirate purists.

Of the rest, however, the Porsche 911, although looking at it was very iconic, has changed a lot under the skin. Over the years they got water cooling (996), the all-wheel drive (964), all-wheel steer system (991), the electric power steering, dual clutch automatic transmission and so on. But despite everything, the 911 remains the 911.

Porsche 911 2019 New Design

Porsche 911 2019 Release Date

As we have already mentioned, is expected on the market around 2019, with all its classic variants. At first the Carrera and Carrera 4, then the Turbo and then even more extreme versions. For all you wait a levelling upwards, as always he used Porsche.

More Information; http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1022144_2019-porsche-911-spy-shots

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