Skoda Karoq 2018 Reviews, Prices, Engine, Dimensions, Interior

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 - Skoda
Skoda Karoq 2018 Trunk SPace

New Skoda Karoq 2018 arrives at the end of 2017 with engines already seen on Tiguan and Ateca, the cousins with whom it shares the platform. Prices from 22,000 euro.

The release of the new Skoda KAROQ is scheduled for end 2017 and only these days was officialized the name of what will be the heir of the Skoda Yeti, as well as the SUV in reduced format of the Skoda Kodiaq.

The camouflages of the model we see in the gallery above will be removed on May 18, date in which it will be officially presented to the public in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to the leaders of the brand will be just the KAROQ one of the flagship models or at least are sure that will give non-indifferent satisfactions at the level of sales considering that it is a really very fortunate period for this segment of the market, that of compact SUVs.

The price of the new 2018 Skoda Karoq is assumed to be around 22,000 euros for the entry-level gasoline version, from approximately 24,000 euros instead the “base” diesel.

Skoda Karoq 2018 Design Style

2018 Skoda Karoq Dimensions, Size

Let’s see what will be the size of the new Skoda Karoq 2018. The length stops at 4 meters and 38 centimeters for one meter and 84 inches wide and one metre and 60 in height. Inside you are comfortable and this is also understood by the space for the knees, you have in fact available 68 millimeters. The pitch is 2 meters and 64 centimeters which becomes 2 meters and 63 for the 4 × 4 variant.

The trunk of new Skoda Karoq 2018. The load capacity inside the compartment is so much seen the 521 litres, ready to become 1,630 liters when the rear sofa is knocked down.

Among the options one of the novelties: the Varioflex system in conjunction with the rear seat. With this system the load volume passes very easily from 479 to 588 litres and since the seats can also be dismantled completely, the cargo compartment reaches a maximum volume of 1,810 liters, just like a small van.

Skoda KAROQ, a name inspired by the indigenous

As for Skoda Kodiaq, even for KAROQ the name owes its origins to the indigenous peoples of Alaska. A bit like seat does with the Spanish towns for its models.
KAROQ derives from the merger between “Kaa’Raq” (auto) and “Ruq” (arrow). Do they remember something car and arrow? Well, they are nothing more than the symbol of the brand owned by Volkswagen as is also apparent from the brand itself.

The management will point everything on the new KAROQ

Only the origin of the name, its meaning is how much we learn at the time of this unprecedented compact SUV. In addition to this, Bernhard Maier, ad of Skoda, says: “The new SUV becomes the standard for the brand and the segment and introduces, in addition to the robustness typical of Skoda, an unprecedented and emotional stylistic language in the suit of compact SUVs.”

Werner Eichhorn, member of the Škoda Management Board for sales and marketing states: “It was important for us to give our new SUV an evocative and energetic name.
At the same time, this name is consistent with the unitary denomination that is common to our SUV models. In this way, we also make these original, captivating and instantly recognizable models for our customers. ”

Skoda KAROQ 2018, spacious and comfortable interiors

The interiors of the new Skoda KAROQ 2018 will be spacious and rational, also characterized by a good level of finish. The style will be similar to that of the Volkswagen Tiguan, but with some recall to the latest models of the Czech house.
Two new technologies for the KAROQ. The Varioflex for the rear seats previously explained and the virtual pedal to be able to open the tailgate only by tapping a sensor with the foot, especially useful when you have heavy objects or considerable dimensions to be affixed inside.

The onboard technology of the new KAROQ

On board the technology is not lacking for Skoda Karoq. There are a lot of guidance assistance systems, such as parking assistance, Lane assistant, and Help in the column guide. On the security front instead we find the blind spot detect, the front assistant with predictive function of pedestrian protection and the emergency assistant. “Strong” The KAROQ, the parent house declares that it is able to carry trailers with a total weight of up to two tonnes and, if it is subject to the transport of trailers or caravans there is the unprecedented trailer assistant that supports the driver in case of reversing and in low speed manoeuvres.

Skoda KAROQ 2018, engines already known

Speaking of engines of the new Skoda Karoq 2018 is given to know that we will find five, including four unpublished. We expect in the range of powers between 115 and 190 horsepower and the abandonment of the price lists of the “classic” 1.4 Turbo gasoline four cylinders that will make room for a 1.5 tsi displacement with active cylinder management system over then the 1.0 EcoTSI, while for the 1.6 TDI diesel and the largest 2.0-liter TDI all with start & stop system and energy recovery during braking. You will be able to choose between front or full wheel drive and between manual or automatic gearbox with seven-speed DSG double clutch.

2018 Skoda Karoq Specs

Going to snoop between the mechanics of the new Skoda KAROQ 2018 we see that the trim will have an eye for those who do not want to renounce the spirit off-road precisely because the new SUV of Skoda also allows this. The full-drive variants are equipped, as standard, of the selection of the driving mode and therefore normal, sport, eco, individual and snow. The off-road mode, specific for the 4 × 4, optimizes all the peculiarities that can be requested on the disjointed.

Skoda Karoq 2018 Reviews, Prices, Engine, Dimensions, Interior Pictures

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