The Best Supercar 2018 by Consumer Report; The Ranking of Dreams

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2018 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Specs and Prices

The list of supercar is very long, here are the best supercar 2018: Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren dominate the scene

It is not easy to draw the ranking of the best supercar 2018, new models, just presented, others destined to arrive on the market this year. It is not simple because the list of supercars contains exemplary different among them, united by the performance of stratospheric. Yet, even those who do not excel on pure performance, deserve to be part because among the most beautiful machines in the world. The primacy of the Italy is evident, the list of Italian supercars far surpasses every other nation, between Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani, without counting the craftsmanship of masters like Zagato, to sign the lines you a beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish.

That is, in our opinion, the best supercar of 2018, ranking deliberately without a hierarchical order, because so many and different would be the prospects from which to analyze the theme.

Ferrari Ferraris Open

After Ferrari is the turn of the Ferrari roadster open. Presented at the Paris Motor Show 2016 is the model celebrating the 70 years of history of the Prancing Horse. Performance unchanged compared to the closed version, merit of a Carthusian development that focused on aerodynamic efficiency and interventions to zero the structural “penalization” of the absence of the roof. Hybrid system, 6.3 litre aspirated V12 engine combined with the electric unit, the 963 horses excite even more for the sound in close contact with the cockpit, possible in the open air.

2018 Bugatti Chiron

How impossible can it become a car? The Veyron seemed to have drawn an unsurpassed limit, instead now came the Bugatti Chiron to raise the barrier of the sublime madness. Engine W 16 8-liter and four turbochargers, 1,500 horsepower, speed electronically limited to 420 km/h. We give the numbers, in all senses.

Best Supercar 2018 McLaren 720S MSRP

2018 McLaren 720S

It is the second generation of McLaren Super Series and marks a sensational breakthrough in performance. McLaren 720s has a central engine, Biturbo, 4 liters all new. The layout puts it in direct comparison with the Ferrari 488 GTB, the performances in some respects are also superior, especially in the exercise 0-200 km/h, in which you compare to you with the Ferrari 812 superfast. and technological sublimation of McLaren capabilities after P1. The style may not involve particularly, the result of lines designed for the best aerodynamic efficiency.

2019  Ford GT

Technically it has just arrived in Italy, although its official debut dates back to the beginning of 2015. In 2016 the racing version became the Queen of Le Mans. Beautiful, beautiful and winning. Ford GT sports a V6 3.5-liter Biturbo engine and a line for some controversial, no doubt original as far as the tail is tapered. The inspiration to the historical ancestor resists in some traits, renounces any form of hybridization, for a sportsmanship within the classic canons.

2018 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

It is one of those cases where horses, maximum speed, acceleration, count relatively. Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato was to be a style exercise, presented in 2016 to the elegance competition of Villa d’este. It has become small production, 99 exemplary, resounding perfect in style, signed by Zagato. It is one of the most beautiful machines in the world, GranTurismo for fine palates.

2018  Porsche 911R

Lucky there’s Porsche. In a panorama dominated by elettroattuate transmissions, when not completely automatic, in Stuttgart remember the lovers of the guide and churn out a project destined to few, able to appreciate the presence of the manual gearbox on a sporty 911. The r is as extreme as a racing car and requires remarkable driving skills to be fully exploited. In his own way is a testimony of diversity in the panorama of the supercar 2018.

Pagani Huayra Roadster

We thought that Huayra BC had touched the culmination of the Huayra project. Then Horacio Pagani presents the Huayra roadster, not a simple transformation of the Hypercar coupe in discovery, but a project that has required 5 years of work to see the light. It is the first road roadster lighter than the corresponding coupé model. Technical solutions shooting from BC, streamlined aerodynamics to manage the flows at its best. Two options for the roof: carbon fiber or fabric top. However always extreme.

2018 Lamborghini Huracan

The best supercar of 2018 can also be the one able to turn faster than all at the Nurburgring. Lamborghini Huracan makes it in 6 minutes and 52 seconds, the fastest road ever on the Nordschleife. The Huracan project was perfected in the active aerodynamics, transmission, electronic controls and completed by the most powerful V10 aspirated engine ever on a Lambo: 640 horsepower. The experience of the Super Trofeo Lamborghini single-brand transferred on the road.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

It can be considered the heir of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Ferrari 812 Superfast made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, bringing on stage a share of novelties produced on F12TDF and matching to a design very different from the past of the GranTurismo V12. The engine grows in the incubation and adopts dynamic turbocharger, a 6.5-liter aspirated with direct injection capable of delivering well 800 horsepower, the most powerful Ferrari V12 destined for the range of road models ever produced.

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